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The Iowa Connection
in Burlington, Des Moines County, IA
Special Thanks to Bonnie STIEFEL RINKER, Majel FRITZ POWELL,
Bill RUNDORFF, John BORG and Jo Ann POOL for sharing their research of these families.

Updated text March 21, 2005

My Great-Great Grandparents
The LEICHT ancestor is Frederick LEICHT

(In honor of the cat-loving LEICHT Family, I adopted the catnapping kitty
from Vikimouse and named him "Frederick." Registration #8)

Frederick LEICHT was born April 9, 1831 in Siebeldingen, Bavaria near the Rhine. He emigrated to America, landing in New Orleans on February 22, 1848. He lived in Cincinnati, OH and Lousiville, KY. When he returned to OH, he married Anna Marie DREHER on March 4, 1853, daughter of Theobald and Catherine (ERLENWEIN) DREHER. Frederick and Anna had attended the same school in Siebeldingen, Bavaria. In 1855 they moved to the Burlington area. He was sexton of Aspen Grove Cemetary in Burlington. He and Anna are buried at Aspen Grove behind the chapel. They had 11 children.
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The RUNDROFF ancestor is August RUNDORFF
August RUNDORFF was born May 7, 1805 in Peitz-Brandenburg, Prussia. He married Caroline KLEE, before 1836 in Peitz-Brandenburg, Prussia. In 1857, Caroline and her children came to America; we do not know when her husband arrived. The family is all buried in Aspen Grove Cemetary in Burlington, Des Moines County, IA. There were 5 known children.

(i) August b August 29, 1836, m Rosetta FOSBENDER
(ii) Emil b September 22, 1840, m Matilda BUHRMASTER
(iii) Julius b September 23, 1842, m (1) Magdalena NELS and
(2) Kate GLITSCH
(iv) Theodore b September 1, 1846, m Eliza HUTCHCROFT; and
(v) Ida/Agnes b 1855, m D.B. BICKEN?
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My Great Grandparents
Peter LEICHT and Caroline (Lena) RUNDORFF

Peter LEICHT, son of Frederick and Anna, was born December 7, 1861 in Union Twp., Des Moines Co, IA. He married...
Caroline Agnes (Lena) RUNDORFF, daughter of August and Rosetta, was born March 4, 1863. Lena always sat in a rocking chair at the dinner table.
Peter and Caroline had 3 children.

(i) Maud b 1882 m (1) MALM, and (2) Walter E. HOLSTEEN
(ii) Charles August (my grandfather) b August 13, 1887 married
(1) Alma Marie BUEHL b March 6, 1888, daughter of Joseph BUEHL and Antoinette (Anna) BUSCH/SCHULTZ and
(2) Mary WHITE
(iii) Luella Viola "Sis" b May 8, 1891 m George Frederick STIEFEL

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The BUEHL ancestor is Joseph G. BUEHL
Looking for a thread in the haystack!

Joseph was born in 1861 in Germany and came to America about 1878, and to Iowa in 1881, according to the 1925 Population Census of Iowa. He married Antoinette (Anna) BUSCH/SCHULTZ, b 1866, daughter of Carl SCHULTZ and Henrietta KLUGE. Anna came to America in 1879, and to Iowa in 1882, according to the same 1925 Iowa Census. They disappear from the Burlington City Directory after 1926. They are listed in the 1930 Census in Cook Co, IL-Western Springs. Joseph died after 1930, Anna in 1934; they are buried at the Elmwood Park Cemetery in Cook Co, IL.

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They had 11 children.
    (i) Alma Marie Eva (my grandmother) b March 6, 1888 d November 19, 1949 m Charles August LEICHT.
    (ii) Annie b November 17, 1890 d bef 1991 m James Albert McGREGOR
    (iii) Elsie Madeline b May 16, 1895 d April 28, 1992 in Kalamazoo, MI m Arthur Charles POWELL
    (iv) Harry b 1891-1916 (March 10, 1900?) d bef 1991 m Eda May UNKNOWN
    (v) Clarence b 1891-1916 (October 18, 1902?) d August 19, 1983 in LaGrange, IL m Marie VORISIE
    (vi) Louise b April 15, 1907 d February 20, 1991, m (1) Lyman E. CONN and (2) Charles M. DEEM
    (vii) Joseph A. b 1891-1916 (October 1, 1911?) d bef 1991 (March 1985?) m Jennie LARSON
    (viii) Martha b 1891-1916 d bef 1991 (1955?) m LINDGREN
    (ix) Viola b 1897 d bef 1991 m1 Ralph LUSK, m2 Ralph PATTON
    (x) Esther b November 18, 1904 d July 15, 1997 in Chicago m William? BORG
    (xi) Bertha b 1891-1916 d bef 1991 m UNKNOWN, lived in SD at one time

    The BUSCH-SCHULTZ Mystery
    The ancestor may be Carl SCHULTZ
    PLEASE NOTE: The 1925 Iowa Census lists (Antoinette) Anna BUSCH-SCHULTZ parents as Henrietta KLUGE and Carl SCHULTZ. However, in her daughter Louise's obituary, Anna's maiden name is listed as BUSCH.

    There is a family story that some "grandmother" was married before and the husband went to war and was presumed dead. This grandmother remarried and had children with the 2nd husband. The 1st husband returned, but she chose to stay with husband #2.
    Could this "grandmother" be Henrietta KLUGE married to #1 BUSCH and #2 Carl SCHULTZ?

    Named Frederick
    Registration #8

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