Wiring Diagrams

AMC 1970 - 1974 Wiring Diagrams

AMC 1974 - 1978 Wiring Diagrams
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Jeep CJ 1978 Complete schematic

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1982 Jeep 258 pre-emissions
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1984 Wagoneer Wiring Diagram
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Fuzz401's Wiring Diagram FSM Scans

1983-85 Jeep 258 Engine harness
1957 Jeep Diagram

1987-1990 Jeep 258 Wiring Diagrams, Diagnostic Connectors, and EECU

thanks Darksiderz

Darksiderz has 4.0 and 2.5 diagrams too!!

CJ OEM Tachometer Wiring

Tachometer wiring
CJ Chassis and Engine Diagrams
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Autozone has online wiring diagrams for 71-86 CJ and Scrambler models

Autozone.com Online Repair Manuals for Jeeps 71-86
FSJ Wiring Diagrams, varying years
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wagoneers.com collection
Painless Wiring Install Instructions
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1978 CJ FSM schematics
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JF thread with Fuzz401's 1978 diagrams

1986 Jeep 258 4.2L Engine Electrical
1986 CJ 258 engine diagram
Mallory Ignition wiring
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