Available Photos:

Young Zappa
Live 1974
In the Studio
At the StarClub
Playing Guitar
Live in Spain
Live in Spain 2
Live w/guitar
Live w/74 Band
With Lennon Live 1971
In Miami Vice 86
The REAL Toilet Seat Poster

Zappa's home
Zappa's home door
Joe's Garage door
Orpheum Theatre, Boston 1988
Hard Rock Cafe in Frisco

In Buenos Aires

Terry Bozzio
Terry Bozzio Live 2
Vinnie Colaiuta
Mike Keneally Live 1
Mike Keneally Live 2
Mike Keneally Live 3
Steve Vai Live 1 bw
Steve Vai Live 2 bw
Steve Vai smiling
Steve Vai signing
Steve at Press Conf 97
Steve Vai 2000
Steve Vai w/me backstage 2000
Steve Vai signing backstage 2000
Arthur Barrow
At the hotel door
At rehearsals
Live 1
Live 2
Live 3
Live 4
Live 5
Final bow with band
Authograph session
Clinic at EMBA

In Philadelphia 1988
Ike Willis & Eric Buxton
Scott Thunes
Bruce Fowler

Muffin Men Show
The Borderline -London
10 November 2000
Jimmy Carl Black 1
Jimmy Carl Black 2

JC Black & Andy Frizzell
Muffin Men 1
Muffin Men 2

Rare Argentine records
''My guitar'' single PS
Ratas Calientes
Las Comadrejas
Sound Monsters

Norbert Obermanns
(Zappalog's author)

Art & Drawings by
José Miguel Martínez Nadal
Butzis - Primer my Carucha
Butzis - Pinguin in Bondage
Butzis - Lido Hotel
Butzis - Camarillo Brillo
Butzis - Mary Meets Nando
Butzis - De Very Good Musicians
(From the PACHUCO SOME MORE (PSM) collage series)
2) B. van Vuuren (Norway)
FZ conducts
Zappa 1970
Zappa in London
Ship Arrive

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