A Brief History of the Early Bronco.
The Ford Bronco was introduced to the public in August of 1965 to compete with Jeep's CJ-5 and International Harvester's Scout in the ongoing recreational 4WD vehicle market.The first Broncos were very spartan without options such as power steering and an auto Transmission.The first models were available only with a 105 hp 170 ci six cylinder derived from Ford's Falcon lineup.The only available transmission was Ford's 3.03 three speed manual with a column mounted shifter.Transmission ratios behind the six cylinder were:3.41:1 first,1.86:1 second,and 1:1 third.When the 289 V8 option was introduced in March of 1966,the 3 speed manual had ratios of:2.99:1 first,1.46 second and 1:1 third.The transfer case was a Bronco specific Dana 20 with a low range Ratio of 2.46:1.The 302c.i. V8 replaced the 289 in 1969.The Bronco, with a 92 inch wheelbase was offered in wagon,half cab,and roadster configurations.The roadster model not very popular and was discontinued after 1968.

The Sport Package was introduced in 1967.This package included bright finish horn ring,windshield drip,head and taillamp bezels,side window frames,instument panel trim and tailgate handle,cigar lighter,chrome- plated grille,bumpers and front guards,red die cast F-O-R-D letters appliqued to the grille and 15 inch wheelcovers.A bright trimmed hardboard headlining and vinyl floor mat were also added to the Sport Wagon.A dual master cylinder with a split hydraulic system and self-adjusting brakes was also new.Back up lights were now standard and a 11.5 gallon auxiliary fuel tank option was available.
The stout Dana 44 became the standard Bronco front axle early in the 1971 production year, replacing the weaker Dana 30. New options included a remote control left hand outside mirror, a new headliner for the pickup, and a heavy duty radiator. The special edition Baja Bronco by Bill Stroppe and Associates was introduced this year.
A total of approximately 650 Baja Broncos were produced between 1971-1974. 18.700 Broncos rolled off
the assembly line in 1971.
Total production between1966 and 1977 was 211,600.
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