Franks' 4 x 4  Page
This is my 1971 Sport
This is one of 18,700 Broncos that rolled off the assembly line in 1971, not all were Sport  models,and this one is not stock.
Hi,myself and the Ford Bronco go back quite a few years,I learned how to drive on one of these back in 1966,I was just 13 yrs. old. Drove on a ranch in western Tehama Co. California.I found out then that they are great off road vehicles and always wanted one.Well I own one now and they are still great.Please enjoy my page and check back often for more photos and info.
                   Good Wheelin To Ya!!!!
Bronco Specs.
This Is a pic of  Mt. Lassen taken from Manzanita Lake.Lassen Park is 45 mins. from my front door.
An hour  and a half  away is Beautiful Mt.Shasta,can see it from my house, 2nd highest peak in Ca.
Bronco Fans
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