Some thoughts on Japanese Anime
& Video Game Characters

Vampire Hunter D

I have to admit, this is my favorite anime movie of all time.  Yes, in true anime form, the plot is vauge, and the scenarios highly unlikely, but it remains one of the few Japanese movies I actually understand.  I also will admit that this movie probably influenced me a lot when it comes to my feelings on vampires.
This is how a vampire hunter should be, screw that Buffy crap.  I am for the most part, on the vampire side of most things, but this guy rules.
A brief plot summary:
He comes to a town run by a evil vampire (Magnus Lee?)  A girl offers herself to D in return for killing said vampire.  D does this, but skips town before getting any.
Somewhere along the line, it comes to light that D is actually Dracula's kid, and that his mother was human.

Alucard is the only other hunter I can say is fabulous. He is very similar to D, I mean very similar!  Dracula is Alucard's dad, making him technically D's brother.  They dress the same, they have the same hair, same weapon of choice, and they both turn down getting some in the end.  Pretty much the only thing that is different between them is thier coloring (or lack thereof).  Not that anyone is "intrested in this".

Six more degrees later...
Sephiroth looks like Alucard!  Maybe the pool of character designers and animators in Japan really isn't all that large, or original.  They do a bang up job, but look at these two!  They appear more like brothers than D and Alucard.

Now, a few words for some disturbed people out there...

No where in Final Fantasy did Sephiroth ever, EVER have sex with Aeris or anyone else!!!  I'm seeing a large number of disturbing things on the internet to the contrary.  If you are one of these people, please leave the house and seek help.  They are cartoons, and they are not real!  Believing otherwise is a good indication that you yourself have never scored.  Please, knock it off.  The only times anyone had sex in Final Fantasy VII, was when Cloud was with Aeris in the cable car and then with Tifa toward the end, All Right?  Cloud is the stallion, not Sephiroth.

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