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Video Gamer's Corner

This section is a brief overview of my all time favorite games.  Bear with me, two of them are pretty old.

Number One:  Wasteland
This was the first real RPG game I ever played in a video game format.  As far as I know, it was only avalible for the old Commodor 64, and ancient IBMs.  It was a long game, and I had to sneak into my brother's room when he wasn't home to play it.  Although primative by today's standards, at the time it was the damnedest thing I'd ever played, and I to this day love it.  I managed to obtain an old copy of it a few years ago, and even then, I still was completely taken by the stupid thing.

Number Two:  Final Fantasy VII
Okay, well you probably figured that this one would show up here, after viewing my site.  Yeah, I love it.  This was the most profoundly disturbing game I ever played.  One of those rare ones that keeps you awake at night, thinking that you should go back to the family room and play it just a little more.  I recently finished Final Fantasy VIII, and while good, it didn't do the same thing for me that seven did.

Number Three:  The Legend of Zelda
That probably takes you back, huh?  Yup, this was the only reason that I ever asked my parents for a Nintendo when I was a kid.  I had been hooked on this game by my friend Jennifer, and it was what got the ball rolling on my life-long love of fantasy world RGPs.
I will admit that I never finished any of the other Zelda games, they never were able to fasinate me the same way as the original.

Number Four: Castlevania Symphony of the Night
This was a good game, although be it short.  There were some corny parts, and the format of the thing was a little old fashioned, but in all, I liked it.  I think there are probably better vampire video games out there now, and maybe some day I'll get to play one...

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