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Last updated on Thursday, January 4, 2004

NEWS! Liberty BASIC 3.03, the 32-bit version, is available for downloading.
It includes a new revamped version of the FreeForm GUI editor.
This is the highest quality LB ever!

Visit libertybasic.com to download Liberty BASIC's Free Trial!
Special Note: Unlike many other programming programs Liberty BASIC has no time limiting restrictions so you can trial Liberty BASIC for as long as you want to before you purchase it!

Liberty BASIC is an easy to use windows based programming language. Liberty BASIC is one of the easiest languages around. Registered LB users can distribute their programs with the included runtime engine. The registration charge is US $40 which is VERY reasonable.

Here are some useful links to get information about Liberty BASIC :-
Liberty BASIC Home Page
Alyce's Restaurant - Archive for LB 1.4x and LB 2.0x
Liberty BASIC Community Web
Foundry Search - Home of BibleFoundry Free Bible Software!!

Yahoo! Groups:-
LBNews- LB mailing list.
LBEXP- For Expert LB users.
LibertyBasic- General Liberty BASIC group.
FreeForm3- FreeForm version 3 updates & Information.

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