Dogo ArgentinoInsert logo hereHines 13 months
FCI Dogo Argentino/ AKC German Shepherds pups
We produce top notch Dogo Argentino and German Shepherd pups. Our dogo pups come with fci registration, shots, baer testing and 1 yr health guarantee. Our German Shepherd pups comes with puppy shots and 1 year health guarantee.

Hines is a brick house, he's built like a bull and is still growing at only 13 months old. He loves children and have an excellent temperment. His bloodlines consists of los polleo/argentum. Hines comes from a long line of hog hunting dogos and he have a great sense of hunting himself with his prey like stalking tactics.


Mooshoo is our 14 month old male, he's 85 lbs and steady growing with a nice block head. His pedigree consists of mostly german bloodlines. He has an excellent temperment and a great nose on him as well.


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