Alejandro's CBR600 F4 Roxana
This site is always under construccion, so come back often to see the changes made to pics and links.
This page is dedicated to my newly arrived baby, a red/black '99 Honda CBR600 F4, bought in January '01, what an incredible sport bike!
It's very easy to drive, it will forgive you many errors, but be carefully while accelarting, you can reach 70-80 miles/h and don't even realize it.
Ride Safe!
And here I am, in front of the Caribbean Sea in the morning. Too bad I had to go to work after that :(
Ok, this is me... just don' get scared, ok?! I don't bite... usually...
'bout me
Name: Alejandro Dominguez
Country of residence: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Age: 21
Job: Software developer, Visual Basic 6
And yes, I *do* love Pink Floyd....   why do you think that?
School: INTEC, Computer Engineering
ICQ# 5048196
Other pics of me and my bike
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