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This website was created to provide the Quad Cities area great deals unavailable anywhere else and to provide a less expensive advertising engine for the local merchants.

How it Works

Consumers visiting the site can choose a local merchant's logo
as seen to the right to visit their coupon page.  Once there they
can print out any coupons that the merchant is offering.  The coupons are then redeemed at that store for a great savings.

About Us

A Higher Value of Advertising

the public.  The fact that these coupons aren't available
anywhere but this website gives the coupons a higher "value".

Hard Working Ads

When you advertise on this site your ad(s) will remain here for
2 months for your customers to print out as much as they like.
Unlike conventional direct mailers or news print advertisements
that are paid for and ran once your when you advertise here your
ads will work for you 24/7.

Unlimited Ad Exposures

With conventional advertising you get a set amount of exposure.
For example, let's say you run a direct mailer for $495.  This
might get you a full color ad of 10,000 copies.  Here, you pay
less than that and get an
UNLIMITED amount of copies over the course of 2 months.

No Wasted Money on Poor Results

Another advantage is that you can change your ad layouts as
often as you need to with no additional charge.  That's why we
give you 2 months instead of just 1; So that you can get the
marketing results you need.

Vital Links to Local Exposure

This website will exchange links with other high traffic local
websites putting your logo right in thousands of visitors laps.

Future Growth

In the very near future this website will be relocated to a more
professional site.  Also, there will be radio advertisements telling
the whole Quad Cities area about your exclusive printable
coupon.  The future is definitely bright!



This site is constantly updated so check back often
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