my contact information
I've decided that I need to make it easier to contact me. so I'm listing emails and instant messangers. Feel free to email me or im me about anything ratty or just wanting to talk.
email me at:
  msn messenger: you could use any of the above hotmail accounts for msn messenger but I'll most likley be on the tabywendy one.
               aol:  tabywendy
               aol:  tabyathome  use this one now
               icq:  167529457
           yahoo:  digi_astrid
I'm real picky about perverts and bots iming on aol If a girl name pops up with a of numbers I usually check for info and if none I don't accept and I always check profiles and so should everyone else who ims anyone else. I'm using my step dads computer so just aim and yahoo right now.
I'm 26 live in dothan al. I have a boyfriend he's at basic for the navy right now but I did spend all my time with him. I like animals, video games, and rpgs I'm open to talk to anyone not just about rats but feel free to IM me anytime. I spend most off days online.
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