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Stories labeled slash include homosexual themes and stories labeled adult include explicit sexuality. Please read the warnings and avoid such stories if they offend you.

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The Last Silmaril
by Elizabeth Wyeth

1. Father Maglor's Star. A series about the relationship between Maglor son of Feanor and his foster-son Elrond. Includes When I am Wise, Naming the Stones, As Little Might Be Thought, and In the Seventh Age. This series is complete.

2. Fire and Ice. A series about Feanor and Fingolfin and their children, and the relationships between them. Includes A Very Fire, Fire and Ice, The Guardian of the Walls, Disposessed, What Flesh Remembers, What Still Endures, Father-suffering, Rebellion, and Across the Ice. This series includes homosexual elements and other adult themes. It is still in progress. New!The House of Feanor, about Nerdanel, Anaire, Idril and Finarfin in Valinor.

3. Assorted Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings based stories. Includes Unless it Be, Shameful Customs, Made of Grass, Sapphires Set in Diamonds, Keeping Secrets, The Legend of the Sun and Moon, Bringing Gifts, and The Tale of the Laughing Maiden.

4. Parodies and AUs. Includes Mother and Daughter, The Adventures of Sister Mary Susan SJ, and all the alternate versions of A Very Fire. Includes links to A Very Fire parodies by Cirdan and Adrienne.

5. Babylon 5 Stories. Includes Varieties of Repentance, The Candle and the Star, Third Rituals, A Thousand Years, Eternity in a Moment, A Question, With Answers, Transformation, and Serpent in the Garden.

6. Birthday Stories. For my birthday, I asked for some in-canon Silmarillion-based slash with a happy ending. Here are the links to the excellent stories I got.

...and then in 2003 I got another round of lovely stories. You can find them here too.

7. Links. If you're looking for good stories, I have some suggestions...


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