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my thoughts
Index of public readings
History of Tarot
My thoughts and ideas on different things. Some information on how I do readings.
Chat Room
This site deals with the Tarot, the Occult, and religion in general.
There is  history &  information dealing with different religious aspects and people.
There are also readings done by me for others here.
I have recently added a chat room as well.
Take a look around, comments and questions (as well as corrections or additions) are always welcome through e-mail,in the guestbook or on the forum.

Dark Guides
Welcome Page
My 'Welcome' Page. Includes a religion poll, links to guestbook, chat and web rings. Also has a feature to tell your friends about this site.
A brief history on Tarot Cards.
Brief Bios on Occultists, including Crowley, Etteilla, Kelley, Dee, soon to include Laveau, Mathers, Rasputin and more.
Readings Done by me for others.
Chat room.
Can be used at anytime. No password or need to join anything.
Updates page.
Just that. I'll list
new pages and readings there
Links Page Includes links to many interesting sites and web rings,
Email me if you'd like to be added.
Info On Ritual Abuse and Satanic Panic
Ritual Abuse and Satanic Panic
My Discussion Forum
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