Cult of Skulls, in this crude mortal incarnation, was foolishly (or at least recklessly) invoked by one "D@ve Rush" of palos verdes estates, california.  Mr. Rush was living in his parent's house at the age of 25 after having either been expelled, fired, or quit ev3ry other endeavor his life had theretofore offered him.

It was during this period of heavy drinking, courier work, and non-stop rotation of albums by such artists as W.A.S.P., Nirvana, and Morbid Angel that the above mentioned rush penned, or in his words, "spontaneously came up with" a song called 'Cult of Skulls'.

"I saw on a dvd that Black Sabbath got their name from a song they wrote that they thought summed up what they were trying to do, so I thought I'd just call the fucking thing Cult of Skulls. The lyrics were perfect, it just summed up my life."

We walk upon a sea of broken glass

Suicide from an overpass

The liberation of self destruction

Infuse my blood with this new resolution

I live my life doing what I want

A symbolic idiot savant

Call me stupid but restrain my hand and

I'm  gonna put you  in a body bag

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