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- The 28th of March there will be an official trailer of the 2nd TR movie
- And if you live in Germany you
are extremly lucky! Eidos Germany
is going to release a special AOD
statue you can order at
- Soon there will be some new
Fan Art so check back soon!!!
Yeah, yeah I know shame on me for not updating in months.
So many things are happening in the world of TR. The DVD of TR2 will be released on November 18.
And Lara will be appearing on a new platform; Nokia's N-Gage.
Now you can call your friends right away when you need help.
Okay some site updates:
-New fanart by me, I had to draw a pic of that loveable Kurtis :)
- Also updates in the merchandise section.
And to inform you about a new forum, curious? Click the
A quick update before we head into the new year!And this time it is a good one.
We have new pics of me in AOD outfit
but also pics of me with
Andy Park,
you know the guy who did the art for the Tomb Raider comics!!
And we welcome a new look alike on the site
Carla, click the link to see her pictures!
Happy New Year and a great 2004!
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Big news! Through out some pages of my site you'l find pages that differ in layout. Don't worry I'm working on a remodelling of my site and soon eveything will look very pretty.
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Finally there is some good news about the upcoming TR7 because Toby Gard is Back
Eidos confirm that Toby Gard will be assisting Crystal Dynamics to develop the new Tomb Raider 7!

Lara Croft creator
Toby Gard has joined
US development
studio Crystal Dynamics to work as a senior designer on the next Tomb Raider title - marking his return to the series after leaving Core Design following the launch of the original game.
Of course more will follow soon.

Finally the new layout of the site is up
and running.
Now I have some time to update the many
look alike pics, fan art and banners that
have been sent to me! Thanks for waiting!
It has been quiet for some time around
our beloved Angelina but in this months
CosmoGIRL she is on the cover!
In the interview she
opens up about her
self-destructive past,
her bright future and
the guy who matters
to her the most!
So get your copy
today! Or visit the
CosmoGIRL website
by clicking on the
image, enjoy!
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