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2004 - This year will see the release of a new album from U2 which will be followed by a tour later in the year. Possible tracks for this new album include Sky Hawk, Native Son, American Prayer, Full Metal Jacket, Lead Me In The Way I Should Go, All Because Of You, Origin/Original Of the Species, One Step Closer to Knowing, You Can't Give Away Your Heart, A Man's A Man, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own and Tough. Visit the message board and discuss your thoughts with other fans.

Welcome to U2 - Walk On, here you can find all the latest news on the Irish rock band U2 and also lots of info on the band U2. We will keep you up to date with all of U2's latest singles, albums and concerts that U2 will be producing in the near future. Soon to come will be U2 polls and also the best U2 bootlegs available. U2's latest album 'All that you cant leave behind' featuring Beautiful Day, Walk On, Elevation and Peace on Earth is one of the best albums that U2 fans have listened to, and has made U2 a world-wide fame over the past year. Bono, Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton should be releasing there new album in Spring 2004.


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