The Conservative Unitarian Universalist
"We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion... We know that our relationships with one another, with diverse peoples, races, and nations, should be governed by justice, equity, and compassion."
- From "We are Unitarian Universalists" by Marta Flanagan

Hello, and welcome to my homepage, "The Conservative Unitarian Universalist!" This site contains news stories, links, action alerts, and my perspectives on the UU Principles and Purposes, as they relate to social issues and will hopefully be a meeting place for those of us who lean more toward the conservative side of Unitarian Universalism.

Notice (July 16, 2005): As returning visitors have most likely noticed, this website has not been updated regularly. Due to personal offline commitments, I have been unable to update as often as I should. I am in the process of adding links to topic-specific news sources to many of the topic pages so that you can keep up to date. However, I will continue to add news stories, links, and action alerts from time to time. Thank you for visiting!

Parents, please note that some of my pages contain some "adult" language and issues. I would probably give some pages a "PG-13" rating. I apologize if you have been offended by anything on my site.

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Topics contain quotes, news stories, action alerts, and links.

Child Welfare Education
Entertainment Industry The Environment
Family Values Non-Human Animals
Parenting Resources Pro-Life
Religious Freedom
& Civil Liberties
Abstinence Education
Information About This Website

Last Update: August 30: New news on "Entertainment Industry" page ("Jessica Simpson Urges Stars to be Better Role Models"), New links on "Religious Freedom & Civil Liberties" page ("Help Pass the Patients' Privacy Protection Act" and "ACLU - Safe and Free").

Recent Update 1: August 16: New news on "Pro-Life" page ("First Lady Calls John Kerry's Stem Cell Research Claims 'Ridiculous'"), New news on "Religious Freedom & Civil Liberties" page ("Pennsylvania Couple Risks Jail Time for Sign on Their House Opposing Abortion"), New news on "Child Welfare" page ("Computer Games Teach Nutrition").

Recent Update 2: August 6: New news on "Pro-Life" page ("Australian Abortion Business Objects to Nearby Child Care Center" and "Planned Parenthood Defends "I Had an Abortion" Shirts Despite Backlash"), New news on "Religious Freedom" page ("Activists on Missouri campus split on Patriot Act"), New links on "Child Welfare" page (Healthy Recipes Links).

Please note that all links on these pages do not necessarily reflect my opinions. They are provided as a way to keep informed.

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