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Yo and welcome to the Completely Crazy Hole (don't ask about the name, I wasn't feeling to inspired when I came up with it)! On this site I've collected the best (well, I think so anyway) jokes found on the Net.

I shouldn't really have to say this, but I'll do it anyway so I don't get hate-mail from dumb asses; Some of these jokes can be considered cruel and offensive by some people (especially men and blondes!). But please don't take any of the jokes seriously. They are only jokes!

I also feel I have to worn parents with young children about some of the jokes on this site, a few of them can be very inappropriate for the youngest people to read! It's up to you parents to keep your children away from unsuitable material, I take no responsibility in this matter!

Well, now that that's been said, I hope you enjoy your stay!
"the mad Swede with an affection for Oreo'z"

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