Most sites seem to be written from what might be called a would-be angelic point of view, the stories on it told from the point of view of an omniscent narrator. This one isn't. It's written from the finite point of view of somebody wandering off into a faintly (or sometimes, not so faintly) deranged world that he does not know. If the opinions that follow seem to sometimes be inconsistent, please keep in mind that this site was cobbled together, usually during the infrequent moments when I felt the need to vent, over a number of years, during which my views regarding a lot of things changed - including those regarding an event known as Burning Man, which I was fascinated by, until I got to know the community that had grown up around it.

This site is not really a body of essays in which I share my thoughts about whatever you see here. It is an nonlinear journal in which I try to share the experience of getting to where I am now. I might try to clear up any confusion with notes added on after the fact, but I'm not going to completely tidy the place up, because the messiness is part of the story I'm telling in this stream of consciousness fashion. The bad calls I made - or what I now consider to be bad calls - are as much a part of the story as the good ones. One of those bad calls involved participation in the Burning Man forums, where we get to ponder the question "do drugs and incendiary devices mix"? Answer: Maybe not.