Some Pics
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mapleafsm.gif (16958 bytes)

Hubba Hubba plays the Maple Leaf, New Orleans, La.

billrubysm.GIF (19202 bytes)

What's up with this guy's hair?

motel_gig_sm.GIF (23030 bytes)

Trav-O-Tel Grand Opening Gig!

dougsm.GIF (17014 bytes)

The Doctor is IN

frankhairsm.GIF (10280 bytes)

The Jimi Hendrix of the washboard

gregsm.GIF (11400 bytes)

Greg groovin'

frankdukesm.GIF (21727 bytes)

Duke's hot tonight

dougrubyssm.GIF (18380 bytes)

What U lookin' at?

dukerubysm.jpg (17033 bytes)

Duke at Ruby's, Mandeville, La.

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