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Hi There

Hubba's Roots...
We really came together by accident. It was kinda' spontaneous. Franko and I were in a band called "Willy and the Wahoos" in the lates 80's and ran into Duke by chance. We had been doing one of his songs for years and never knew who "Duke Bardwell" was, just that he had written the tune. Turned out he had been on two Emmylou Harris records and one with Elvis (Yes, THAT Elvis!) during the three years he'd spent touring with him.

Duke is the real deal. His voice is kind of a cross between Greg Allman and Delbert McClinton. Sings his butt off. Anyway, he started coming out to see the band and eventually sitting in. It evolved into Hubba Hubba. Duke brought the funk into the band and we have pretty much steered that course ever since.

The thing that we hear more than anything else is that it is obvious that we are truly having a blast when we play. It's true. We just really love each other and love playing together and it shines through. A number of people have tried to put a label on what we do. It's still not clear what to call it. Gumbo funk? Swamp boogie? I don't know. Bottom line it's...

Blues To The Bone.

Bill Garrett

This is what a sliver of our skies look like.

Watch Your Fingers
Click on the gator for a treat
But watch your fingers

Click to see Hubba Hubba jamming along with a few of our very good and FAMOUS friends.


Audio Samples

This behemoth does not always rest so peacefully. Click

Awards We Have Won

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