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The Boys
L to R: Greg Guthre, Franko Jackson, Duke Bardwell, Doug Dickerson, Billy Garrett

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Doug sits in with

Our fans speak!

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The Statler Brothers?!

Franko with punk band, Prodigy

Elvis is IN the building

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Hubba Hubba is a rockin', funky blues band based out of the Destin/South Walton County area in the panhandle of Florida.It consists of Duke (Monk of Funk) Bardwell funkin' on guitar and vocals, ???thumping out bass and vocals, Franko (Washboard) Jackson whipping on washboard, percussion and vocals, Doug (Dr. D) Dickerson ripping lead guitar and vocals, and Greg (Stix) Guthre laying it down
on the drums.

I was born in Louisiana on the Bayou Manchac
Papa was a trapper from Napoleonville
Mama was a dark-eyed cajun woman
If I'd listened to my mama I'd be there still
from "Bayou Country"
by Duke Bardwell

Washboard Jackson's Action Contraption

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Brown for their invaluable and seemingly
infinite patience, wisdom and time.
Without them (and Jim's scanner) none
of this would have been possible.

Thanks also to Eileen West for
her rendering of the Action Contraption
and her beautiful animation, Smile.

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