Hi and welcome to my web page.  I try to update these pages as often as I can,  though its never done often enough. I hope you have a laugh and dont forget to sign my guestbook.

This is my new toy. A '98 VT Commodore. For the technically minded, it has: 17" rims, abs brakes, fe2 suspension & 5 speed manual transmission. It goes alright but its just not as quick as the old Prelude. Here is a pic of the honda



This is my other toy. Its a Suzuki Vitara,
its very slow, the only thing I can beat is
my mates Suzuki Sierra. But its great fun
off road and wouldn't sell it for the world.
( well... make me an offer )


My girlfriend calls this animal Harley
(Original name, hey?)
He is a runt. His obedience school Instructor calls him
"Little, Mr. Confidence".  His interest include: posing for photos, being mummy's boy and eating that piece of rope between his legs
(which has now passed on and since been


This is my dog, Ninja. He's a mans dog.  He is a pain in the ass,
he has "Small Dog Syndrome" (he doesn't know he's a small dog).
We have pulled him out of larger dogs mouths a few times. But he has more personality than most people I know.  His only interest is that tennis ball.






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