Off The Farm

Augie's Sausage Factory

Dad's M670 Super

Pullin' Pictures
Makin' Boards at Boonville

Rozie the Junkyard Hooker
Drunken Hillbillies - Big and Ugly

Dad's Minny-Mo M5
Why Dogs Is Better'n Wimmen

Pictures of a Bunch of Stuff
Augie Jr's VAC Case

The Huntin Pictures

Here's How Ta Tell If'n You Is A City Girl
Lots of Pictures From Some Tractor Shows
Hope you've got a fast connection...
Do Ya Think Yer A Tractor Guy?
Find Out Here
The Off The Farm
Tractor Buyer's Guide to Sale Ad Terms
Think Ya Knows A Lot About Computers?
Sure Ya Do!
My Dad's a Funny Guy
Read His Stories Here
Augie's Funny Stories
Not Much Here Yet, But I'm Workin' On It
I've got a nice John Deere for Sale Cheap
Some Farmer Jokes
The Reader Submissions Page
There's Some Good Stuff Here
The Links Page

My name is Greg Easley. I live in Columbia, Missouri with my wife Jamie,
and our brood of young tractor drivers. Columbia is also the home of
the University of Missouri and the Missouri Tigers. Jamie and I both
work at the UMC Health Sciences Center. Jamie is a Registered
Nurse, and I'm a Computer Guy.

Just don't take any of it too serious, OK?

Most of the material here is the sole property of
Greg Easley. If you'd like to borrow something,
I'd appreciate you asking before you do so.
Chances are good that I'll be happy to allow it.

Send yer feedbag er I mean feedback to: Augie

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