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  7/31/07- I have been inactive with this site for like 2 years now, but I might try to bring it back. If you see cards you want you are still welcomed to e-mail me about them, I'm open to cutting deals. Currently I am in the middle of moving so I cannot get to my stock, I'll update when I am available for trading again. If you're interested in trading manga with me go here.

Welcome my trading page!

   Use the links below to navigate your way through the site. Each section has a want and trade list. Please read the FAQ before e-mailing a trade or order and/or if you have received a trade from me. Any questions or comments just send a e-mail (replace "AT" with @).

NJ's a member of G.A.B.!

Send e-mail to NJHuff(AT)gmail.com 

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    NEW- : Strikethrough Links not up, Fullmetal Alchemist Cards added to Anime Cards. 

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