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The 9th Geo. Dekalb Light Artillery/6th Ohio Independent Battery is made up of several independent companies consisting of:

Palmer's Co., Dekalb Co.
Oake's Co., McDonough area
Green's Co., Claxton, Ga.
Pollard's Co., McDonough area
Cotton's Battery, Grey, Ga.
Ivey's Co.

Oakes Co. has one of the only working traveling forge and battery wagon in service. 
Palmer's Co. has a mountain rifle. 
Oakes Co. has a 3" Ordinance rifle and an 1841 6-pounder.
Green's Co. has a 10 pound Parrott.
Pollard's Co. has a 10 pound Parrott.
Cotton's Battery has a Mountain Howitzer.
Ivey's Co. has a 3" Ordinance rifle.
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