I can't believe ye be wantin' t'leave, but if ye are, ye'd better know where to. If you find any dead links, please let me know. Otherwise, there's not much else to say about it, so ARRR!

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Marley's Mateys

    • Mike - My boyfriend and best friend
    • Bethie - My sister's livejournal
    • Bethie's Mike - My sister's boyfriend
    • Sarah - Crazy Iowa girl's livejournal
    • Amanda - College friend who had to make a site for a class
    • Conrad - High school friend's livejournal
    • Mikey R - Crazy Iowa boy
    • Billy - College friend's husband
    • Pete - High school friend
    • Lisa - Internet friend that I have much in common with
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Piratey Goodness

    • Pirates of the Caribbean - Disney's summer hit of 2003. This movie helped to propel my fascination into an obsession. It's a FANTASTIC movie, a must-see for any pirate.
    • Cutthroat Island - This is the IMDB listing for another of my favorite movies, Cutthroat Island. It's a great movie with a lady pirate. Great inspiration for me. ;)
    • The Monkey Island Webring - My FAVORITE adventure game series. There are so many good sites about this series out there so this is a link to the webring. Go surf.
    • The Original "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Site - This site is good for everything you need to know about this new holiday. It even has a pirate translator, in case ye need help on yer dialect.
    • Pirate's Cove - My newest board game. Very piratey, VERY awesome.
    • What's yer Pirate Name? - Wantin' t'be a pirate? Ye might need a name to strike fear into the hearts of yer enemies. Take this short quiz to find out yer inner pirate. (I'm Mad Charity Roberts...maybe I'm related to the Dread Pirate Roberts?)
    • Billy Bones' Locker - This is a great place to find all things pirate. They have a nice selection of treasures for sale, perfect for yer next treasure hintin' party.
    • Puzzle Pirates - Lots of fun piratey games and puzzles.
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Hobbies & Games

    • Power Pets - The Greatest 	  Virtual World site on the Internet!
    • Official Geocaching Site - This is where you can learn everything ye wanted to know about geocaching. Don't know what geocaching is? It's present-day treasure hunting. No wonder I'm interested.
    • Ask the Dream Doctor - Let HIM figure out what that weird dream means
    • Remember Me Scrapbooking - Excellent resource for supplies, ideas, headlines, and MUCH more
    • Die Siedler von Catan - Official German website for my new favorite board game, Die Siedler (The Settlers). Here is a condensed version of the rules. If you know how to play, go here to dowlnoad an online version so we can play against each other.
    • Worms 2 - My action game of choice...play against me on this one too.
    • The World of Lemmings - Yet another of my computer game addictions
    • Board Games - My perfect evening includes close friends and board games
    • Game Hippo - 100% free games--no shareware
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