Disciplines: Auspex

Auspex: Auspex encompasses the vast array of expanded sensory powers that some Kindred experience and can develop upon the Embrace. Most Kindred fortunate enough to possess this power find it exceptionally useful not only in night-to-night survival, but also in appreciating the beauty of their surroundings. The Toreador, in particular, delight in this last respect.


Heightened senses: You can enhance one of your senses to access a world of sensory input most people will never enjoy. The character can use Heightened Senses to spy on conversations, see in inky (but not complete) darkness, read letters by touch, identify an individual's scent, or pick up telltale tastes. This Discipline can intensify any sense, but only one sense can be magnified at any time.

A Storyteller may determine that a Mental Challenge is necessary for particularly difficult tasks. Additionally, if the character is bombarded by a large amount of sensory input while using this Discipline (e.g. loud music, bright light or an overpowering stench), she will totally lose the sense in question for 15 minutes unless a Willpower Trait is burned to prevent this.

Aura Perception: Rings of energy surround sentient beings and shifts to reflect their mental and emotional states. A Kindred with Aura Perception has honed her senses to such a degree that she can perceive and interpret these auras. You must be able to see your target to make a challenge. By winning a Static Mental Challenge (no retests or relenting the challenge is aloud), with difficulty equal to the target's number of Mental Traits, you may demand that the target answer one of the following sorts of questions honestly: "What is your Demeanor?", "Have you committed Diablerie (within the last six months)?", "What is your current emotional state (brief summary)?", "Was the last thing you said a lie?", or "What sort of creature are you?" (human, Kindred, Garou, mage, spirit, faerie, mummy, etc.). Addional uses of this Discipline will allow additional questions. Click here If you want to see the Aura List. This power is noticable due to the concentration needed to use this Discipline.


Spirit's Touch (The Spirit's Touch): This Discipline allows you to sense the residual energies and impressions remaining on an object after it has been handled or touched. Specific information, such as the identity of the individual, her emotional and/or mental state and her perceptions, may be acquired by using this Discipline.

Various factors, such as brief contact, multiple handlers and the unusual nature of the handler or object, can dramatically affect the use of this Discipline. By touching an item and expending a Mental Trait in a full turn of concentration, you may gain a flash of insight from the object. In some strange cases, no impressions may be present at all (at the discretion of a Storyteller). Curiously enough, Kindred using Obfuscation powers leave no impressions. If the possessor of the object is nearby, the character may question him and he must answer honestly. Sometimes the object has an overpowering emotional attachment (e.g. used as a murder weapon, a gift from a loved one, etc.). This can cause a temporary Derangement to be inflicted upon the user of this Discipline (Storytellers discretion). Often, however, Spirit's Touch will require a Narrators assistance to use.

Telepathy: You have honed your preternatural senses to such a degree that you can actually receive and transmit thoughts. Be forewarned though - many of the things buried within the minds of others are best left untouched. With effort, you can even force your way into stubborn minds, but a voluntary subject makes the task less difficult and less unpleasant for both parties.

You can use this Discipline to communicate privately with a willing subject (or more than one). Roleplay this communication by passing notes or holding a quiet side conversation that cannot be "overheard", except by Telepathy or similar powers. (In order to accomplish this effect, other players are expected to ignore the note-passing or conversation. However , characters with Telepathy automatically notice something unusual going on and can attempt a Mental Challenge against either player to listen in on the conversation.)

You can also use Telepathy to spy on a subject, access surface thoughts, or discern the truth. If you defeat your subject in a Mental Challenge (or a willing subject relents), you can ask the victim one "yes or no" or short answer question about any subject or conversation in which the victim is currently engaged, and the subject must answer truthfully. After a successful challenge you can strive for even deeper probings by spending another Mental Trait and making a Static Mental Challenge against all of the victims Mental Traits. You can find out the Flaws, Negative Traits, and Derangements (with no retest or relenting). Even victims of sloppy Dominate powers can be probed (at a difficulty set by the Narrator).

A Test of Will (whomever burns the most Willpower wins) can be used to sever unwanted contact, or individuals possessing active Derangements may bid them as Mental Traits when subjected to involuntary Telepathy. Each Derangement bid in this fashion requires the telepath to bid an additional Mental Trait, representing the difficulty of reading such a twisted mind. If the defender opts to bid one or more of her active Derangements against the telepath and wins the challenge, she infects the aggressor with her madness. The telepath must must either spend a Willpower Trait or actively play out one of the Derangements bid for the next 30 minutes. Unfortunately for the defender, the telepath is now acutely aware of the defender's Derangement and may use it against her in the future. This power does not work on anything not self-aware, including animals.


Psychic Projection: With a conscious mental exertion, you can safely sever the bond between your spirit and your body. In this state, your invisible spirit may travel incorporally throughout the physical world. Mundane barriers cannot hold you, but supernatural ones, such as pentagrams and wards, are another matter entirely. Individuals with highly advanced sensory powers (such as Heightened Senses, Telepathy and the like) may realize something is amiss, but must still win a Mental Challenge to perceive you.

Exercising Psychic Projection is not without its dangers. Your body is left helpless and inert during your sojourn. Furthermore, your ability to interact with the physical world is greatly diminished. You cannot, for example, stop or interfere with physical actions occuring around you. A Kindred can only use Social or Mental Disciplines. Only when you have materialized can you use these Disciplines after spending a Mental Trait to do so. The only powers that may be used against you are those that affect the spirit or mind, and even then, the attacker must first be able to perceive your presence. If you wish to become visible and communicate with a single individual in the physical world, you may do so at a cost of one Willpower Trait for every 10 minutes. You can not be harmed by physical means, such as sunlight, fire, or other mundane weapons. Your body can, however. You may not possess other bodies in this form even if you can use Dominate.

Master and Beyond~

Clairvoyance: You can see and hear events without the need for Psychic Projection. To use this Discipline, you must burn a Willpower Trait, concentrate for ten minutes, and win a Static Mental Challenge against a variable difficulty (see chart below). The longer you concentrate, the more information you can gain. While using this power, you must bid two additional Traits for any tests to resolve events that occur in your physical surroundings. The difficulty of the challenge is based on your familiarity with the place you seek to view (e.g. Clairvoyantly viewing your own haven would be a Static Challenge against a difficulty of four Traits, while viewing your sire's castle in Transylvania that you have only seen in a painting is a nearly impossible task). You may also use all other Auspex Disciplines while using Clairvoyance.

Static Mental Challenge Difficulty Chart

Place as familiar as one's haven: 4

Visited there three or four times: 8

Visited once: 12

Described in Detail: 18

Never been there but have seen a photograph: 25

Soul Scan: You can discover the "Location" of anyone you know, wherever the target may be. This power requires the assistance of a Narrator. You must win a Static Mental Challenge against the target's Mental Traits to enact this Discipline. The Narrator simply notes the time of the Soul Scan and then finds the target, asking her where she was at that time and informing you. Other Disciplines (as appropriate) can be used after locating the target. This power locates the mind of the individual sought. If the individual sought is currently using powers such as Psychic Projection or Possession, the result of Soul Scan will be to find where her conscious mind is currently located.

Prediction: By spending a Blood Trait and a Willpower Trait, and winning a Social Challenge, the vampire may predict a targets next comment. With three successes, she may predict the targets next action. Each success gives the vampire a one Trait bonus to all Social Challenges directed at the target, and each success beyond the second imposes a one Trait penalty to all challenges directed against the vampire using this power.

Karmic Sight: The eyes are windows to the soul. This does just that, and you get to see things like Nature, Demeanor, even Path in somebody else. Maybe catch someone who's made a demonic pact. By spending a Mental Trait and winning a Social Challenge, a vampire using this power can look into any targets eyes and find out something hidden within their mind. The vampire must engage in a conversation and keep thier attention or the power will not work. The vampire may spend as many Mental Traits as items they wish to uncover. A failure will not cause the victim to be aware that the power has been used against them.

Psychic Assault: By spending a Mental Trait and winning a Mental Challenge, the vampire may do psychic damage to a target. If the target is a vampire, a willpower point must also be spent. If this assault reduces the target to zero willpower points, the target is rendered unconscious (frenzy before unconsciouness if a vampire is the victim); with three or more successes, if the target is rendered unconscious, she awakens with a derangement. This power does damage as follows:
If challenge is not successful: The target is immune to all further such assaults from the vampire for the rest of the night.
Failure The target is unharmed, and may perform a Static Mental Challenge to perceive the attack.
1 success: The target loses a Willpower Point. Also, a frenzy check may be required, at the option of the Storyteller.
2 successes: The target loses 3 Willpower Points. A Frenzy check is required.
3 successes: The target loses 6 Willpower Points. A Frenzy check is required.
4 successes. The target loses all Willpower Points. Her Willpower is permanently halved. frenzy occurs. The target may suffer Final Death as a result.

False Slumber: This power allows a Methusalah's spirit to leave his body while in torpor. While seemingly asleep, the vampire is able to project astrally, think and perceive events normally. This power is active when vampire enters torpor.

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