Auspex Auras

All Auras are examples of what may be seen when using Auspex. Feel free to make your own list if any of these examples are not suitable for your chronicle.

Note: some of these auras may seem alien in nature to younger vampires.

Afraid: Orange.

Aggressive: Purple.

Angry: Red.

Bitter: Brown.

Calm: Light Blue.

Compassionate: Pink.

Confused: Mottled shifting Colors.

Conservative: Lavender.

Daydreaming: Sharp flickering Colors.

Depressed: Gray.

Desirous or Lustful: Deep Red.

Despair: Crimson slashed through with Blazing Orange and Gray.

Diabolist: Black stripes in aura.

Disassociated: A Prussian shade overshadows all other Colors, making them seem faded.

Disgust: Purple and Red snake-like patterns melding and turning Black.

Distrustful: Light Green.

Dying: Swirling fading Yellow.

Enraged: Crimson.

Envious: Dark Green.

Fanatic: Various Colors criss-crossed with Green and Purple.

Fear: Sickly Yellow.

Frenzied: Rapidly rippling Colors.

Frustrated: Red dissolving into spots of Flickering Yellow and mottled Orange.

Furious: Dark Red with ripples of Black.

Generous: Rose.

Greed: Pulsating Purple.

Happy: Vermilion.

Hateful: A Black-Hazy white-grayish fog lies dominant over all other Colors.

Idealistic: Blazing Yellow.

Innocent: White.

Insane: Hypnotic swirling Color.

Intellect-driven: Prussian changing to cornflower.

Joy: Golden.

Kindred: Appropriate Color is pale.

Lecherous: Deep Red and Purple entangled in pulsating knots.

Love: Brilliant Rose.

Murderous Rage: Black rippling with Crimson.

Obsessed: Green.

Pain: Red with stripes of white moving across the aura in an electric pattern.

Perverse: Dark Lavender.

Psychotic: Pulsating Blue blending with Green, creating pulsating spots of wild colors.

Resolution: Pulsating Blue.

Sad: Silver.

Seelie: Yellow-Red-Purple stripes

Spiritual: Gold.

Superior: Glowing crimson.

Suspicious: Dark Blue.

Terrified: Blazing Orange.

Thoughtful: Sharp Colors in slowly moving patterns -- like a jigsaw puzzle.

Uncertain: Flickering Yellow.

Undead: Black Glow.

Unseelie: Purple-Black-Dark Gray stripes.

Vengeful: Pulsating Purple criss-crossed with Black and Pulsating Blue.

Wondering: Dark Blue changing between being mottled and sharp.


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