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Site Index: "My Forever Friend"
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My Forever Friend
Welcome and Entrance
Apple Blossoms
"Somewhere In Time"
Behind the writing: "Hope"
"Till Dawn"
Behind the Wriing: "Till Dawn"
"The Mystery"
"The Cottontail Over My Left Shoulder"  Part 1
"The Cottontail Over My left shoulder"  Part 2
"The Magic Of Your Name"
"Thoughts and Memories Of You"
"Fallen Embers"
Thoughts On Kindred Spirits
Shoo-Fly and "Watership Down"
Memories Of Eyes So Bright!
"The Rainbow Bridge Poem"
Poetry and Story Index
Bunnylvr's Favorite Links
New Links Added!
Complete Lapine Glosary
from "Watership Down"
Read "The Reunion".
The story of our friendship and our meeting again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Webrings: Page 1 (Direct Link to Web Ring Pages)
Visit Forever Friends, our online pet memorial site.
Hymn Playing:
"Let There Be Peace On Earth"
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This adorable graphic was given to
me by Michelle from CorgiBuddy's Rabbit Information site. Without the encouragement and support of this very special friend, Shoo would have never had a website. She stayed with me through tears of not being able to link pages.:o)
Thank you, Michelle from Shoo and I.
All sites having a memorial page in honor of their forever (pet) friend are invited to join the webring of this website.Please click on the navbar to join us.
Read "The Cottontail Over My Left Shoulder". A true story by Sally Evans
Meet my bunny
  Mr. Daisy!
The Webring of the My Forever Friend website (pet memorials)
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section of My Forever Friend
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section of My Forever Friend
New on the site! Excerpts (samples) of each poem is now available by clicking on the angel and Shoo above.
EVERYTHING you want to know about the cottontail rabbit is on this site! Pictures, care, release, stories.
"Bright Eyes"
Hear Art Garfunkel sing the song from the movie
"Watership Down"! Click on the above link. There is a return to this page on all of our pages in the site.
"Watership Down" pages
Lapine Glossary and Links page
"Watership Down" links page
Visit the real Evans'
Backyard! Meet some of the resident cottontails and see what Little Joe squirrel put in the neighbor's tree!
"If I Could Be Where You Are"
"Shoo's Song" Part 1
"Shoo's Song" Part 2
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"More Precious Than Gold"
"Tracks Through the Snow"
Behind the Writing: "More Precious Than Gold"
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"Our Story"
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