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Global Leadership Tasks.

The central task is to coordinate and tune global human activities to enhance wellbeing for humanity, life and planet Earth.

Necessary steps to accomplish the central task:

  • Promote new leadership.
  • Remove all weapons.
  • Nourish humans to become leaders.
  • Build and maintain the Global Civilization Model. (All activities and tasks are derived from this model). Statistically evaluate human opinion, develop algorithms and networks to distribute human opinion and make it globally accessible.
  • Resolve humanity's critical issues:

    picture shows the 3 critical issues of humanity.
    As yet, humanity has no valid administration. The increasing wealth imbalance causes wars and violent activities. Humanity's negative impact on its base undermines its own evolution.

  • Enhance communication infrastructure,
    enable communication between all humans any time,
    expand sensor systems for large and minute entities.
  • Coordinate existing local administration bodies.
  • Create a new monetary system independent from commerce and banks.
  • Define a sphere for the commercial subsystem and reduce its destructive activity.
  • Perform clean-up, remove pollution.
  • Project regenerate Earth: reforestation, general life enhancing activities. Quantity of life measurement.
  • Project life transmitter: turn Earth into a life transmitter, enhance the natural tendency of life to spill over into the universe.
  • Other infrastructure projects to improve coordination of activities.
  • Maintain public registers: records of all humans and organizations; records of all global assets and entities; records of all activities; information feedback into the GLOCIMO.

We can do it, if we all work together.

We can't do it, if we follow old rituals, and let ourselves being coerced into opposing each other.

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