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violence is an activity to make humans and the environment suffer.

Violence is a tool of stupidity to make quick decisions. The swiftness of violence makes it appealing to use, and together with its "no brainer" simplicity we have an ideal tool for dummies.
The act of violence always says:



Human society has been trying to get a grip on violence for a long time. But violence goes around in circles, it isn't easy to catch. It goes from parents to kids, from people to institutions, and from institutions back to society again. If you feed violence into this system like governments do, you must not wonder why it can't be eradicated.

picture shows: "systemic violence flows in the bloodstream of a destructive civilization"

We made laws to prevent crime and violence. We are getting better with intercepting violence at the personal level, using new ways of conflict resolution. But there is a substantial trickle-down effect of violence from governments into the population. Look for instance on a dog trainer who can sell you very cuddly peaceful dogs, or the most violent security dog ready to attack everything. Governments are like this trainer, they set up the population to be a peaceful society or a violent aggressive mob. The more a government acts in a coercive, repressive or violent manner the more violent become not only its own people but the world society en large that feels threatened by the potential violence of huge weapon arsenals around the globe. No matter how many laws politicians are creating to suppress violence in its own population, it seems to pop up everywhere. Only obsolete governments believe they can create peace through violence, but they are governed by stupidity.


Men have been violence brokers throughout history, starting from those times when they defended their family against predator animals. This instinctive inbuild defense system is nowadays not useful anymore because terrifying animal species have become extinct or decimated to save levels. Actually, violence should be a relict of the past, if abusive rulers who pit humans against humans wouldn't need it for their power games. Misguided people have artificially kept violence alive within humanity.

When men set up governments that maintain military and police forces they base such governments on violence. The violence necessary to maintain a dominating administrative system inevitably spills over into the population. There, it becomes an accepted way of life. This happened throughout history until now. Violent activities considered as ‘normal’ can be observed everywhere around the world today. The total destruction all forms of violence are causing to Earth and its inhabitants can hardly be estimated. Do we need to keep it that way?

Once women are able to throw all violent entities out of governments, like military, police violence, punishing laws and all arms, we will have not only permanent peace on this planet, but also a very low level of violence and crime. Active women who will do
that, can be sure of strong support by females and all nonviolent men. Together, they easily will become the majority on this planet and subsequently make the decisions. Violence can be squeezed out of this world with an concerted effort of all peace loving people. Communication through the Web will be the key to coordinate those efforts and make them successful.


Levels of violence:

  1. The activity of competition can make me lose.

  2. The activity of brainwash can make me stupid.

  3. The activity of coercion and structural violence can make me feel bad.

  4. The activity of fists can hurt me.

  5. The activity of guns can kill me.

  6. The activity of tanks can wipe out my country.

  7. The activity of nuclear weapons can wipe out my species.

  8. The activity of altered gravity can wipe out my planet.



picture shows that love disappears when violence is poured into the civilization Every person or group can absorb a certain amount of violence before it overflows.

When society is overflowing with violence it destroys itself and its environment.



Where are the institutions that fill love into our society?

shouldn't human administration pour love and understanding into the population instead of structural violence?


Violence, greed and stupidity are in a reinforcing cycle, spiraling us down to lower levels of existence.

picture shows stupidity using a gun and money

  • Violence creates stupidity by making intelligence a taboo.

  • Stupidity (having no intelligence), needs greed to survive.

  • Greed employs Violence to enslave Stupidity.

  • Violence increases Stupidity by preventing self-determination and making truth a taboo.

  • Stupidity more than ever needs Greed to survive and pays tribute to Greed.

  • Greed uses more structural Violence to dominate Stupidity.

Violence, Stupidity and Greed gradually grow in severity. Violence increases destruction on Earth, Stupidity reduces the chance of evolution and Greed benefits in the short term from that situation.
All three have one enemy: intelligence.
If intelligence emerges Stupidity will disappear. Intelligence is neither susceptible to Violence nor does it pay tribute to Greed. So, the 3 of them work together to prevent intelligence.

Greed having a free ride on Stupidity cracking the whip of violence.

If you don't obey the global wealth extractors you'll be whipped. Disobedience results in police, military and financial intervention. picture shows white male riding on brown female
Today we increasingly observe greed seeding Stupidity through the media. The media is abused to disseminate false information to continue Greed's free ride.


Violence always results in losers and inefficiency. Knowing all that, it is surprising that violence is still so widespread throughout society today. Why?
Its short-term benefits as an instrument of control make it addictive. Like smoking, it makes you feel good without consideration of the long-term implications.

You have to realize that you can be addicted to violence. You also have to realize that you can't maintain your violence-addiction in our new evolving civilization.


Four easy steps to reduce violence and make war impossible:

1. Establish an unarmed, international and gender mixed police force that prevents fighting and promotes nonviolence. This peacekeeping force teaches nonviolent conflict resolution and gets its authority from the global population. Acting on behalf of the global population to:

  • safeguard the global population.
  • organize the systematic destruction of all weapons.
  • keep humanity weapon free.
  • keep humanity violence free.

2. Remove weapons and end all militarisation. Send military personnel back to civilian life. Destroy all weapons under the supervision of the peacekeeping force and recycle the remains.

3. Evolve existing municipalities to a global administration. Dismantle national governments and borders, expand communication infrastructure to include all humans in decision making.

4. Base the global legal-system on nonviolence (nourishment). Create a new law that is fit to serve the global population. The new law has to focus activities towards well-being increase of all humans and Earth.


But first of all, people like you and me need to agree with people around the world on this issue. If everyone wants a nonviolent world, we can have it! If all people unite that have been divided by violent and coercive governments, war and other destructive activities can be eliminated by a united mankind.
You may say, a united mankind is impossible. Yes, just a few years ago it seemed impossible but now, with the Internet, the best communication tool we ever had, it will become not only possible, but also soon a reality. On the Net we can make global agreements that will be binding for our peaceful cooperation, coexistence and evolution.
Once most of us find out that we are humans and not Africans, Americans, Asians, Europeans, capitalists, communists, Christians, Moslems or whatever, the wars will be over. But until now, many power brokers are not aware that everything is interrelated on this planet and their severe group-think reduces cooperation and communication between all humans with institutionalized structural violence.

It's fun to be a Violence Buster :)

[1.] spray love and understanding on people infested with violence.
[2.] educate people about the origin of violence.
[3.] bust violence out of society structures.

Please join global leadership to remove the growing cancer of violence and cure humanity permanently with love and understanding.

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