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The internet or postal services can be used to convey this message or similar invitations to other citizens.
If you send 100 invitations you'll find:


ready to participate.


not yet ready.
will participate within years.


strongly believe in obsolete systems.
may participate within decades.


determined to defend own group, believed to be superior.
may never participate.

invitation for potential leaders:


This is an invitation for new leadership

Our world has many leaders of nations, religions, institutions, enterprises and other groups. All of those leaders are mainly concerned about the benefits of their own group and none of them has the authority to lead planet Earth. To take care of this undesirable situation humanity needs you to participate in Global Leadership to lead our world into the future. Global Leadership is a seed about to germinate and grows with your intelligence. It will equip you with authority of the majority to take responsibility for humanity and its environment once the critical mass of leaders has been reached. As a leader, you will focus humanity's random activity to build a beautiful and exciting Earth. To be successful, you guide all activities by universal, natural laws.
One of your leadership missions is to create a Global Civilization Model of our desired existence. You present this model to other leaders for evaluation and take part in evaluating their models. Through this interaction, an average model will evolve. You compare this model with reality and initiate activities to eliminate differences between the model and reality.

It is easy to start participating in Global Leadership and gradually take more responsibility. Look at those sites for an introduction and for participation:
or read the handbook:

This may be the most important information in your life. No other information exists presently that can turn you into a leader of our planet, solve most current problems and guide evolution on Earth. Take your time to evaluate it with intuition. You may need from days to months until you are fully aware of its implications.

Once you acknowledge your relationship to this information, and once you have established your relationship with humanity, life and this planet, you are ready to act.
The laws of those larger entities will guide your activity. Sensors for natural laws reside in every person. Open your sensors with love to communicate effectively with those larger entities that derived you. If you are controlled by violence, domination and rituals, you will not be able to communicate well with those entities. In addition, you inevitably will go against their laws to the detriment of yourself and your environment. Why swim against the stream of life?
Life is so much stronger than any human is. It has been growing on this planet for billions of years, and never died. It found that its growth is constrained by this planet. It made humans to remove that constraint. You are one of the tools for life to propagate itself and grow throughout the universe.

When you are convinced about the benefits of your leadership, communicate this information to others and invite them into global leadership. If you translate this message, modify the words but keep the meaning. Then, with the collaboration of your fellow leaders, nourish humans from liabilities into assets. Lead your offspring and followers, to gradually change their activity from exploitation, domination to nourishment, creation, so that they become leaders and carry on your nourishing activity. The outcome will be beneficial to you, to other humans, to life and our planet.
Once there are more leaders than followers, humanity itself will change from a liability into an asset. That means, humanity is evolving from a malfunctioning life-destructing entity to a better functioning life nourishing entity, proceeding towards guided evolution on this planet. Humans have arrived at the end of natural evolution. We all have to consciously evolve humanity to its desired destiny now. Your opinion and activities are an essential part of this destiny.

Whatever you do, act in the name of the universe, because you are a part of the universe. Act in the name of life, because you are a part of life. Act in the name of humanity, because you are a part of humanity. Act for yourself, to increase your well being. Guide your activities with love and nourishment.

Intelligence and love is the fertile ground for this information to grow. It will shrivel and die on stupidity and greed. If you conform to the group-think of the Liability Triad, you will throw it into the trash, making waste grow on this planet, instead of life.
This message is indestructible and will always be with you. It will reproduce itself until it dies a natural death, once its mission is accomplished. Global Leadership, (or a similar successor), will not disappear anymore, it can only be delayed by ignorance.

...please, donate intelligence to evolve our obsolete civilization structures, become a leader and benefit humanity.

You can accept this invitation whenever you ready. Now, within days, or within years. It does not expire.
Tank you.

may the spirit of humanity guide you and protect you with love.