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animated picture shows leadership by you

Welcome leader!

We have been waiting for you,
please make yourself comfortable and feel at home. -

As you know, our world has many leaders of nations, religions, institutions, enterprises and other groups, but all of those leaders are mainly concerned about the benefits of their own group and none of them has the authority to lead planet Earth. To take care of this undesirable situation, you have to participate in a new, more just, global civilization framework and lead our world into the future. You will be equipped with authority of the majority to take responsibility for all humans and their environment, once the critical mass of leaders has been reached.

As a leader, you have to coordinate and focus humanity's random activity towards building a beautiful and exciting Earth. To be successful, you guide all activities by natural, universal laws.


Your present situation is governed by the Liability Triad: The three pillars of our society are commerce, government and religion, with commerce as the dominating one. Each of them may be good in its own merit when separate, but in combination they're a plague to humanity.

picture shows relationship between commerce government and religion

Commerce, govt and religion keep you as a liability, instead of nourishing you into an asset.
Your government did turn you into a number to be controlled, commerce made you a money addict and the church says: "Yes, please submit yourself to that!"
Do you feel OK in such a situation?

picture shows relationship of commerce government and religion towards their environment

Each of the 3 entities above has its simple, crucial core laws to follow:

1st law of commerce: Take more than you give. Make a profit!
2nd law: Exploit your
environment and brainwash your customers - pull resources and push products.
3rd law: If people attack you with the truth, pull the wool over their eyes - use PR.
Don't follow those laws and other commercial sharks will tear you to pieces.

1st law of govt: Control whatever you can control. Leave nothing uncontrolled!
2nd law: Use structural
violence to keep yourself in power - maintain military and police forces to intimidate people.
3rd law: Establish laws to prove yourself right - legislate to your own benefit.
Don't follow those laws and people will administer themselves without your government.

1st law of religion: Submit yourself to the great one. Be humble!
2nd law: Make more
believers, tell them they are stupid, only God knows - promote your holy mission.
3rd law: Take their intelligence and own opinion away, leave only an empty shell, - to fill them with your fairy tales.
If you don't follow those laws people make up their own mind and your religion will disappear.


picture shows Liability Triad

The Liability Triad is a model of our present civilization that needs to be changed to assure a more pleasant survival of humanity.


Your task is to build or modify a model of our desired existence, an administration model that will gain majority acceptance. You publish this model on the Internet for other leaders to evaluate and take part in evaluating their models. Through this interaction an average model will evolve. This will be the most accepted administration model to orient and focus all humans. After global acceptance of this model you compare it with reality and initiate activities to eliminate differences between this Global Civilization Model and reality.

You'll observe that simple models will get more agreement between leaders than complicated/complex models, because plain models are easier to communicate.


Please, help humanity to disentangle itself
from the useless mace it has created so far.

During your leadership you'll observe that you accumulate followers. Believers and followers are liabilities and have a negative influence on the Ring of Truth. Nourish your followers as efficient as possible so that they become leaders. Obtain assistance from other leaders if this nourishing process is beyond your capabilities.


picture shows you as new leader standing on the land of the future dumping old govt into the sea of history
Support has been eroding under old governments over time.
It is easy for you to wedge old governments off balance
New Leadership.
Do it for the sake of your offspring.
Hand over a nice, intact world to your children.


Driving the planet is just like driving a car - everyone can learn it. With simplified controls every citizen can sit on the steering wheel of planet Earth.

You will realize, it is inevitable for some kind of global governance or administration to emerge sooner or later. So, you may well take the initiative and start with it now. You have more benefits if you take the lead along the right way, instead of following those who are in power now, along the wrong way into a death end.

New Leadership on a global scale is your only tool today to make the difference.
Take responsibility for Earth and go with us into a safe, exciting future, - don't waste your time with obsolete governments.

If you don't believe in global responsibility, just give it some time and consideration. Responsibility will knock on your door again. It's up to you if you let it in or lock it out. Irresponsible humans who don't care about their descendants future and their living environment are a great burden to Earth already, how much more so in future? You either take responsibility or give your responsibility away. If you are so foolish to give it away you must not wonder why things breaking apart around you.

Societies have been advancing from more centrally controlled to less control and coercion. Today most people agree on the benefit of democratic systems where they are allowed to voice their opinion reasonably well; which is a step ahead of military dictatorship and monarchies.

The fake democracy we're having now is already a good breeding ground for a real democracy. It is up to you to demand your responsibility within a global democracy. Why do you take bronze if you could get gold?

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