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Natural Law

Today the legal system of every country is based on something like freedom, justice, human rights, religious beliefs, etc. that are different from nation to nation.
The founders of the respective countries have implemented those different systems to achieve the best possible living together of their citizens at the time.

But until now, all those systems allow the legitimate use of physical violence between nations and structural violence within nations and therefore are not suitable for humanity. To develop a peaceful coexistence we need to remove the origin of violence, which is our obsolete political, social system. We can not build united mankind on top of the existing political forces that polarize the world. It would be the same as building a high-rise on top of a family home. The two are not compatible. We need different foundations.

Western Civilization Law Function.
picture shows welth extraction machinery sucking resources from the environment to feed the wealth balloon. this undertaking is protected by the legal system and the weapons system
Our legal system is the fist layer of protection for the Wealth Extraction Machinery. Weapons are the second layer to make sure the Wealth Balloon grows in safety.


Our existing law can be traced back to the 'Hunters and Collectors' age and makes sure you can grab whatever is not legally protected and defend it against other humans.

Such laws can be applied to tribes but not to our global civilization. Even early civilizations disintegrated because law was mainly applied for wealth extraction purposes. To apply such laws to our global civilization would be obviously stupid. But disconnected humans ignore natural laws, they rather orient themselves according to man made laws.

A natural law is given by nature - our environment. Humans can't alter it. Like:

  • You can't turn back time.

  • You can't prevent the motion of the universe.

No matter how much humans strife to defeat such laws they never succeed. Basing society on natural, universal laws gives unprecedented stability to humanity. Basing society on prophet, ruler and economist quirks and squeaks gives humans the problems they deserve for such foolishness.

The base or foundation of our civilization must have rules that ensure
nonviolence and cooperation between all human beings. Our global legal system has to be based on values that are first, acceptable by all people and second, support and ensure the peaceful coexistence of all individuals and groups. Those rules must be effective, easy understandable, convincing to the majority and reflect the truth.

Those rules can be derived from universal laws of the five larger elemental entities as seen from your perspective:

universe - life - fauna - humanity - you.


1st law of the universe:
Look at the stars above, look to the environment that surrounds you, look towards your body, look into your ideas, and you will find one common thing: Change.

1st law of life:
You observe that the billion-year-old entity of life is governed by the law of change. You observe that life grows.

1st law of fauna:
You observe that fauna is governed by change and growth. You also observe that fauna is nourishing & repositioning.

1st law of humanity:
You observe that humanity is governed by change, growth, nourishment and repositioning, you also observe that humanity rearranges its environment.

Your 1st law:
You observe that you are governed by change, growth, nourishment & repositioning, and an ability to rearrange your environment. You also observe that you rearrange your environment creative or destructive.
You can not deny the universe to change, life to grow, fauna to move and nourish, humanity to rearrange its environment. But you can and must deny rearranging your environment in a destructive way.


Derived from those easy observable laws, the 2 most important rules to carry humanity through the next centuries are:

1. Every action of an individual or group has to be beneficial, never detrimental to the actor and its environment now or in future.

- Act in a nourishing not destructive manner.
- Be an asset, not a
liability to the global population, to our planet and to your descendants.

2. No person or group is allowed to force its opinion on others.

- Do not use violence or coercion to convince people.
- Analyze your own group-think and its harm to others.


This new 'soft law' system has less rigid guidelines and punishing revenge rituals as the existing one today. It reflects the truth of the present reality. It prevents outdated beliefs and structural violence. It requires a mixed international police force at the beginning, as a control mechanism to prevent violence. Police activity will change from control via education to nourishment over time.

How is conflict resolution achieved with those two laws?

First there is conflict prevention. You guide your activities by those laws to avoid conflicts. If you feel your activity could cause conflicts, you consult people around you to get their opinion. Communicate with as many people as necessary to establish the benefits of your activity.

In case a conflict has arisen, you and your opponent consult people around you to get their opinion to modify your activity in relation to each other. More people need to be involved if the conflict can't be solved. In the most difficult cases the world population will decide on a conflict resolution that will be binding.


your rights.

1. to take part in the leadership of our planet.

2. to own this planet and its natural resources in co-ownership with all humans.

3. to communicate your opinion to all humans.

4. to reject subordination attempts from any human or organization.

5. to move and dwell on this planet freely.




your duties.

1.you are responsible for Earth and its inhabitants.

2. make sure all your activities benefit your environment, yourself and life's descendants.

3. never coerce or force humans to follow your opinion or belief system.

4. cooperate with other humans to peacefully destroy detrimental civilization structures.

5. accept the global majority decision when you are involved in a conflict.

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