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group-think is the most severe problem in our society. It is a serious mental disease that has not been recognized as such. It turns members of a group into believers and followers of rituals. They believe the group is right and others are wrong. It reduces communication from the group to outsiders. In serious cases of group-think, members use force and violence to convince non-believers.

The important fact is: most individuals are not aware that they suffer from group-think.

  Every day governments and other institutions of believers spend large amounts of resources to protect and promote their group-think. The waste of resources and the destruction in this regard are immense.
To solve the problem of group-think we have to show believers reality. The reality of their own group-think in relation to humanity and planet Earth. And the reality of the interrelatedness of all entities of this planet.


To remove your own group-think, open all your sensors, dig for the truth and reposition yourself during that process.
Global repositioning is vital to understand humanity and this planet. Mental repositioning is vital to break out of your group-think.


picture shows interconnected people in a group group-think has erected many male dominated civilization structures around this planet during the last millenniums. Those structures are incompatible and have the tendency to fight each other. Those structures are like time machines, not to travel in time but to stand still in time. They violate the 1st and 2nd law of the universe: ([1.] change), ([2.] nothing can turn back time). They also violate the first law of life: ([1.] growth), by cutting down on life. Those structures give life a hard time. In history they have grown deserts instead of life.

People who are basically good, have to obey the bad 'man made' laws and rituals of those structures, initiating violent/exploitative activity against each other and the planet. It will be the destiny of females to change those abhorrent structures that have been made by male group-think. Females have a much better relationship with nourishment, whereas males have a better relationship with violence. Females will be the driving force of New Leadership. Females are able to make decisions and initiate activities that are closer to nourishment than violence. Dominant and violent males have to surrender to this force of love and nourishment, lay down their arms and follow suit. The result is a productivity increase within humanity. Every task that can't be done with violence and competition today by our obsolete civilization structures, can be accomplished with nourishment and cooperation through New Leadership tomorrow.

Civilizations violating natural laws perish. Only civilizations that live to the laws of the larger entities and integrate themselves into the biosphere can survive.


characteristics of civilizations.

  1. development of group-think.
  2. coordination of activities.
  3. building of monuments.
  1. destruction of environment.
  2. loss of credibility.
  3. disintegration.

picture shows pyramids, colosseum, church and New York

Monuments of greed made by civilizations over millennia.
Large amounts of silicon are amassed to worship the gods of greed.

High priests of modern civilization have one taboo; they never admit that their culture of violence and greed destroys this planet.

VIOLENCE = massive weapon arsenals = "do what I say or I make you feel miserable".

GREED = Wealth Extraction Machinery (invisible hand) = "be my slave".

Why do high priests devolve into a delirium
to perpetuate obsolete rituals and rules?


Civilizations allow large number of humans not only to live together, coordinate activities and increase wellbeing for all members, but also must be conductive to evolve to higher levels of existence.

Gods and laws have been created by humans to guide and coordinate activities in a structured form, easy to follow for smaller populations. But as soon as an activity coordinating system produces benefits members start to worship it. This worshipping turns into a ritual. Strangely, this ritual is still followed even when the activity coordination system doesn't produce benefits anymore.


animated picture shows flying dove in a cage

Protect your kids from harmful mental cages.

Your kids can become cleverer than any person in history because kids have better access to information than previously. You only have to make sure that their mind develops freely. Explain present mental cages to your kids to protect their mind from being caged in. If they understand what mental cages are, they avoid being caught in them. Kids can much better look after you and the world if they are not caged in, once they have grown up.

Cages are religious, governmental and commercial rituals that force people to conform by means of violence, coercion and money-slavery against their will and their individual intelligence. Humans caught in mental cages act according to clichés. They don't act like normal human beings they act rather like a puppet on a string. Whatever cliché or group-think they adhere to pulls the strings. Within their group the cages are hardwired together. Insiders don't find anything wrong with that; outsiders think they act strange, irrational and inhumane. The most detrimental cage is the capitalistic wealth extraction ritual worn by many people now. The most violent group-think in recent history was the Nazi group-think in Germany.


Do you believe in god?
Do you believe in money?
Do you believe in your country?
Do you believe your environment is OK?
Do you believe you have to prove your point?
Do you believe you are in a helpless situation?

Do you believe governments can keep people forever within national boundaries like domesticated animals?

If you answer all those questions with no, you are ready to participate in Global Leadership. You know it is the right way.

If you answer one of those questions with yes, you are a believer influenced by group-think, conforming to certain rituals. You may believe global leadership is not for you.

If you answer many questions with yes, you need to spend much effort in future to disentangle yourself from group-think. You believe global leadership won't succeed. You trust in the superiority or separation of your group.


Indoctrinated humans suffering from group-think need time to overcome their taboo. They are not aware that they are affected because the group makes the deficiency disappear into the subconscious mind.

Most group-think-individuals have a loss of responsibility. For decision-making they rely on other humans, governments or imagined entities like gods or an invisible hand. Subsequently, they never take their own responsibility seriously.


picture shows group hirarchy Do your activities benefit this planet, life and humanity? Or do your activities only benefit your country, organization and family, or only yourself?

Which is the largest group that should benefit from your activities?


No human makes other humans intentionally suffer; they only make others suffer when they follow rituals (group-think), when they are intimidated (cornered) or malnourished (deficient of mental or physical nourishment). So, we have to make sure to nourish humans, keep them in peace, and never force rituals on them. If we know humans who make others suffer, we have to analyze the situation and eliminate the reason for this undesirable activity. Because that reason could drive other humans into violence too.
The more humans are driven by violent civilization structures,

the more suffering we have in this world.

picture shows human with caged-in mind One of your duties as a global leader is to open the mental cages where human spirits have been kept by the high-priests of civilization over many millennia.

The key to open the cage is love and understanding.
Love: - to feel connected with all life and our planet.
Understanding: - to know how everything interrelates on our planet.

Once you have found the key you'll be able to open the cage and view it the first time from the outside. When you are out your intention will grow to free others too. You can't open their cage from the outside because the key is inside. You only can tell them how to find the key.

Today we can see more free spirits than ever, it won't take long to free everyone.


Global Leadership orients itself on the Ring of Truth to prevent group-think.
By participation in new leadership you'll get back your intelligence and responsibility. You're not the playground of outdated structures and rituals anymore.

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