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Global Civilization Model

Most people are unaware of the present civilization structure. Many problems of human society are related to this unawareness.
Global Leadership not only gives people civilization structure awareness, but also the opportunity to interactively design those structures.
New civilization guiding structures will be alive and responsive to global human needs.
Opinions quickly translate into activity changes. Unlike the dead structures of today’s political, commercial and religious systems, where common people have no design influence.

We don't deserve unresponsive structures that lag behind society advances by years, decades or even centuries.


This is an overview of the model (GLO-CI-MO) and its relationship to the global population and all human activities.

oicture shows the basic forces and function of the global civilization model

Personal opinions modify the GLO-CI-MO in return the GLO-CI-MO modifies human activities.


What is the GLO-CI-MO?

The GLObal CIvilization MOdel guides human activities. The population decides which activities are desirable or undesirable. It consists of individual opinions on human activities and how to guide and control those activities. It creates a consensus on: [1.] what activities are beneficial to Earth and its inhabitants. [2.] what activities are harmful and should be avoided. It will be responsible to create, modify and maintain physical and mental infrastructures of humanity globally.

Because of the repercussions human activities have on other humans and Earth, people need to centralize authority on all human activities, encouraging those activities that increase wellbeing and preventing undesirable activities that cause harm. GLO-CI-MO's locus of authority is the consenting majority of humans who decide on general and specific issues. GLO-CI-MO prevents the abuse when authority is given to few individuals who have to represent the majority of humans, as practiced today.

The actual form GLO-CI-MO takes has to be established by you in cooperation with all mature humans.
Its base will be the Internet because there is no other means of interactive mass-communication to achieve a near realtime feedback system. It will probably run on public servers maintained by the Federation of Global Municipalities.



picture shows the self regulatory system of glocimo population and Earth

system to determine the status of:

  1. glocimo.

  2. global population.

  3. Earth.

The impact of the global population on Earth is observed on a daily basis by leaders and citizens alike.

This voting system is the first step to a global Internet democracy. It is based on public servers that automatically translates between all languages. The crucial element is the opinion poll website of each citizen. It consists of two sections: [1.] the personal opinions with the personal data record and [2.] the polls section. Both parts can be modified by the owner and viewed by the public. All citizen use the same poll form that consists of many questions. Owners can modify the answers any time. So, it's a live poll not a dead poll where the citizen gives an opinion once and can't back out anymore. Glocimo periodically spiders and statistically evaluates all poll sites so that everyone can look at up-to-date results. Even better would be if each citizen has its own spider to double-check and receive the most current average-opinion.

picture shows a responsive poll system that evolves

Leaders determine the poll questions and all citizens decide on putting new questions or removing questions.

This system is in a constant flux, evolving continually - it is not hampered by rigidity like our present government that can't keep up with the speedy evolution of technology.

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