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You are the center of the universe from your point of view. Everything that's external to your body is your environment. The activity of your body modifies your environment on a daily basis.

you are surrounded by large and small entities that are all interrelated.

picture shows the inter-relationship between all entities in the universe
  • life is a subset of the universe.
  • humanity is a subset of life.
  • you are a subset of humanity.
  • your cells are a subset of you.
  • molecules are a subset of your cells.
  • atoms are subsets of molecules.
  • force fields position all entities naturally in space and time.
  • your intelligence lets you reposition entities artificially in space and time.
Survival of the fittest means, to adapt to the environment in an intelligent way - not in a dominating, destructive way, trying to make the environment adapt. It does not mean the strongest and fittest survives but those that can fit themselves perfectly into their environment. As humans, we are only the product, the end result of this environment. The planet has made us in such a way that we thrive best in this original environment. If we change it, it will have adverse effects on us. The original, natural environment is like your best friend. If you harm your best friend, she might not be your friend anymore and you'll feel bad.


It is possible to explain the relationship between the disappearance of rainforests and growing bank profits.

Rainforests are sucked mysteriously into ballooning banks.

Experts of wealth extraction at the top would be able to explain it better, but they are preoccupied to:

channel up money through commercial activities and pump down brainwash via the media

The greatest environmental threat comes from organized, legalized destruction of life - not from human population numbers.

Humanity has too many activities that have a negative impact on life and not enough activities to grow and nourish life.

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