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We feel better if there are less restrictions, rules and regulations against our will. Our wellbeing is reduced when structural violence (dictatorship) decreases our freedom. Naturally, we would love to have unrestricted freedom to increase our wellbeing.
In such a scenario dictatorship, freedom or democracy are easy measurable quantities. And those quantities can be indicators for mankind's wellbeing.


animated picture shows human push the world from dictatorship towards freedom

The ultimate dictatorship is when 1 person forces his will on all others; everyone has to follow the orders of one person against their own will. If we have a population of 6 billion this would mean a dictatorship of 99.99999998% and freedom or democracy of 0.00000002%
The least dictatorship exists if 6 billion people force their will on 1 person giving us 0.00000002% dictatorship and 99.99999998% freedom. Complete unrestricted freedom exists if everyone agrees, and no one is forced.


Today democracy settles somewhere in between those two extremes, but closer to dictatorship than freedom. Probably 66% dictatorship to 33% freedom, more than two thirds of the global population disagrees with the political leaders of this world. That's why we are aiming to move our world more towards freedom in future.

But where exactly on the scale, between total dictatorship and unrestricted freedom, can we find today's society?
There is no answer to this question yet. But soon we will utilize the Internet to find the answer, because this is of much interest to every person on this planet.

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