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Communication positions bodies in space and time.

All entities in the universe have some form of communication between them; resulting in their interdependency and constellation.

Entities from the group of life have very diverse communication systems. Evolution is based on communication; without interactive communication there would be no evolution.

Communication is one of the most essential aspects of the universe.

picture shows how you communicate with all entities in the universe


Human communication and activities are the two most important elements of our civilization. Both of them are very much interrelated. Without communication everything would break down to random activity. Our civilization today has still too much useless random activity because of poor communication between individuals and groups.

Improved communication will focus activity to increase benefits. Better communication tools and techniques have to be created to enhance human communication. Written communication will evolve from words to models. Instead of a string of words you'll send your receiver something like a game, simulator or interactive movie. The receiver plays with this interactive game and will get a much better understanding of your opinion as through a string of words. Because our language has a limited capability to mirror our increasingly complex reality and a limited effectiveness for relationship determination between the increasing number of facts, such an interactive game can even give a better understanding than a face to face discussion.
Today in our communication infancy we mainly transmit fiction and some facts, not much about the relationship between facts and even less about the relationship between the transmitted fact and its benefit to humanity and this planet. Much one way communication from the media is plain brainwash (information pollution), clogging up our information channels.


Communication determines the relationship between you and your environment. Your body always communicates towards its environment. Your sensors always receive information from your environment. Love opens your sensors; hate, violence and domination shuts them down. Incoming information changes your activity resulting in a different position of your body.

receiving information from humans:

  1. Pattern recognition.
  2. Content understanding.
  3. Truth evaluation.
  4. Estimation of benefits if communication related activity would be performed.
  5. Consideration of relationship changes.
  6. Performing activity initiated by received information.

sending information to humans:

  1. Anticipation of desired receiver activity.
  2. Evaluation of receiver.
  3. Specific content formulation targeted for receiver.
  4. Selection of media for best effectiveness.
  5. Transmission of message.

Primary importance of communication between people is to get the message across. Different languages are a great barrier to that, preventing already pattern recognition. 100% understanding is in most cases never achieved, let alone truth evaluation and the other elements of message reception. The quality of global communication is at a very low level.


picture shows 2 peoples instinct knowledge and belief sphere in their mind The belief system of humans may or may not overlap. - Those things you haven't seen or touched and you believe they exist, but are unimportant for your survival.

The knowledge field is overlapping in all humans but never identical. - The material world around you that you can see, feel and touch. Anything you know it exists and works that you can prove to other humans. Things that are important for your survival.

All people have a core instinct that is identical in all humans. This includes basic body maintenance: breath and feed, reproduction and survival. All things you do and understand without learning, which are highly important for your survival on Earth.

picture shows 2 peoples overlapping instinct knowledge and belief sphere Person A and person B can not easily communicate what is outside their common frame of reference, - outside their instinct, common knowledge and common belief area. Beliefs and knowledge that are not shared between the two people A and B needs to be established with interactive communication and is time consuming. To be effective, global communication between all humans has to rely on the instinct area and the field of common knowledge that unite all humans.


Your instinct supplies you with pre-birth information. It's your ancestors communicating with you through DNA information. Try channeling to find out how far back in time you can receive information from.

picture shows parallel and linear mind output

channeling output (parallel).
connects different layers of consciousness.

normal output (linear).
logic based on a subset of data.

Instincts connect us to our planetary past. Animals send instinct into the future to protect their descendants. All humans receive information from animalistic times via the instinct channel of communication. The DNA is the carrier of those messages. Instinct communicates with mainly feelings and some images. It is the most important guiding system of life. The entity of life guides you with instinct along your way into the future. It guides you with the feelings of good and bad. If you feel most of the time good you know you walk along the right way. If you feel sometimes bad you know you going towards the wrong way. This message from life is very reliable it never tries to fool you. Permanent good feelings assure you that you are on the right way.
Communicate your feelings to humans in your environment. If your positive feelings are reinforced by your environment society is on the right way. If your negative feelings are reinforced by your environment society is on the wrong way.
When you are able to consciously communicate with your instinct you are able to guide yourself and humanity along the right way towards the next step of evolution.

Knowledge consists of conscious and unconscious imprints of the environment into the mind. Your knowledge are the recordings that your brain received from all your sensors throughout your life. Knowledge properly utilized through parallel processing gives you intuition. You know intuitively if something is right or wrong, while logic linear processing of a subset of your knowledge can easily lead you astray.

Belief is what humans make up from their knowledge and instinct. The number of belief systems humans can create is unlimited.
Participate in GL and consciously develop new belief systems that are better able to guide humans and our planet than the present outdated beliefs. Create new beliefs with a smaller feedback loop that are closer to reality. Human understanding of reality is still in its infancy and evolving. To understand reality better and act according to this understanding is the name of the game.



We can be absolutely certain that our sensory system is too inadequate to communicate the total reality of Earth, let alone the universe.

Because of that, we have to use our imagination to fill in the missing information. Human imagination has created gods, political ideologies, the big bang, a monetary system etc. All of them are human created mind constructs. Those mental constructs depend on humanity. If humanity disappears they disappear too. But humanity is not dependent on those mind constructs. If they disappear humanity still exists.

Most humans have a problem distinguishing imagination from reality. People swear that their imagination is real. They go to great lengths to protect their illusory belief system; subsequently communicating lies to their audience.


communication speed.

linear communication with words and numbers:

  • describing history and facts.
  • long-winding linear deciphering of text books takes days.
  • incompatible from language to language.

parallel communication with movies, diagrams:

  • visual impact reduces time up to 100 fold.
  • easier understandable by everyone.

massive parallel communication using interactive models with relationship determination:

  • further reduces time.
  • shows inter-relationships between facts.
  • improved depth understanding.
  • more effective communication between all languages.


picture shows elements of interactive communication of humanity

communication impact web.

every group and culture has impact on society and on the global civilization structure.

every person and family has impact on people society and humanity.

the more you communicate the greater your impact.


Internet communication.

The internet is our means of mass-communication between individuals that allows the transition to a improved global society. Because of improved communication humans are moving out of beliefs more towards reality now. Less dependence on those belief systems that have been instituted over time will give humans a better understanding of their activities. Individual and group activities will depend less on logic rituals and more on own intuition.

Our new global administration will depend on the opinion of all humans. Through interactive communication it establishes a framework for the self-determination of the global population. To achieve growing self-determination dead civilization structures have to be first removed, so that violent, coercive males are no longer in a legitimate position to drive the wealth extraction machinery.


The Web is here to enable mass-communication between all humans. We don't need those Internet Bureaucrats who prevent this essential communication with anti spam policies and other censorship.

What we need to solve global problems is massive interactive communication - we don't need trivial netiquette!

As an Internet Bureaucrat you have it easy, if you don't want to hear the truth, just switch it off! The button to press is called censorship.

Communication with weapons!

If you are right you don't need to prove that you are right. People easily can see if someone is right or wrong. You don't need to intimidate others because you are right. Only those who are wrong need to prove that their wrong is right. They need to intimidate, coerce, force and brainwash others that they are 'right'. Some need a huge arsenal of weapons to do that. This "I AM RIGHT" via violence is much practiced and legally accepted in western civilizations.

It is also called domination and makes the dominator right and the submissive wrong. It makes the submissive pay tribute to the dominator. In such civilizations intelligence is replaced by violence and wisdom flies out of the window.

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