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Blissful Dementia

Blissful Dementia
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Last updated 01•13•2005
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-Blissful: n. Ecstasy of salvation.
-Dementia: n. Irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties.
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Welcome to Blissful Dementia. This is my home on the web, though it had been getting a little dusty until recently, I like it. I'm doing some cleaning up around here and maybe even some remodeling, but then, really, is a home page ever really complete? That was one of the first things my friends told me when I began working on my very first page and I scoffed at them, but now I know, after four years *give or take*, that they were right. So, as always, please bear with me. Careful not to trip over any of the tools and enjoy your visit!

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