Health Guarantee
Potential buyers are to use common sense and inspect baby bird's pictures before purchase, and/or inspect baby before/during purchase. In addition to that:

weaned baby birdies come with a 72 hour (3 day) limited health guarantee. While we are sure that our birdie babies are disease-free at the time of purchase, new owners are encouraged to take their new baby bird to a licensed avian vet (at buyer's cost) in order to confirm its health.

If there are no other birds in buyer's home: buyer has 3 days to take baby to the vet. If there are other birds in buyer's home: buyer must take baby to the vet immediately in order for our guarantee to be valid. If the vet determines that baby has a pre-existing condition (a serious or permanent condition that was present before purchase and which affects baby's health and well-being), and buyer contacts us/seller immediately, we/seller will refund baby's purchase price, or replace baby with another baby (of the same color&gender and similar age), IF: baby was properly quarantined if there are other birds in the house; baby is sent back to us/seller in the same condition it was before it left our/seller's home, and along with the original vet report (dated and signed by vet on vet's stationary).
If buyer has other birds in his/her home and baby dies on the day of purchase while having been quarantined, or if buyer has no other birds in his/her home and baby dies within the first 3 days after purchase, buyer is to immediately take pictures of the body, refrigerate the body, take it to an avian vet for necropsy, and contact us/seller with the pictures. If the vet determines baby to have died from a pre-existing condition, buyer is to send the original vet report (dated and signed by vet on vet's stationary) and the pictures to seller, and seller will refund baby's purchase price or replace it with another baby (of the same color&gender and similar age).

Shipping costs (whether to or from the buyer), vet costs, bird supplies (toys, cages, etc.), and food are the buyer's responsibility. Seller will not reimburse buyer for any shipping costs, vet costs, or the cost of supplies and food
under any circumstances.
Seller takes no responsibility for accidents that happen after baby has left seller's home, and this includes accidents during shipping/transportation and accidents while in buyer's care.
We/seller reserve the right to have our own vet re-examine baby to confirm or clarify buyer's vet's findings.

In order for this guarantee to take effect, this written statement must specify the baby bird it is for, and be signed and dated by both buyer and seller at the time of purchase.

Bird's species, color, and gender:
Bird's hatch date:
Bird's name:
Bird's band number, if any:

Seller signature:                                                  Buyer signature:
Date:                                                                   Date:

This document also serves as the receipt, specifying the baby bird's purchase price and stating that (if) it has been paid in full.

Please do not steal our work by copying from our website.
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Note: 11 of the birds from our aviary were disease tested (all negative) for Chlamydia/Psittacosis, Polyoma, Pacheco's, and PBFD: 3 birds on 11/18/08, 2 birds on 12/17/08, 2 birds on 3/17/09, 4 birds on 4/10/09. This sampling of our aviary indicates that our flock is disease-free.
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