Windows can Add New Hardware for U?

A better Sentence would be 'Configures your newly installed Hardware'

If you dont know Area Code go to hell or you must (r) must type a fake one.

This should be oprional as 90% connections are made without dialing area code

Find My Computer! Its Lost

A better alternative would be 'Find Files/Folders'

The Syntax Error is Invalid

Could be 'Invalid Syntax' or 'Syntax Error'

A Option that never worked.

Better not included as Most Modems disregard this Feature

Spy Vs Spy: Append to a Log but under which filename?

At least admit that Advanced Settings are for Advanced Users and provide a filename.


To 'Shut Down' first 'Start'

Shut down like commands would seem logical elsewhere not in the Start Menu

Stupid by Default 'The name of the default computer you are dialing is 'My Connection''

Could be : 'Type a name for the Connection you are making'


A real convesation on XP Security Features

The logical answer is : Uninstall XP




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Sign my Windoze guestbook! (Courtesy Dreambook)

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