a full-length play by
Ben Alexander

            It is late October, 1977, in the fictitious northern New Hampshire town of Woodbury. Bobby Miller, senior class president and star wide receiver at Woodbury High School, has volunteered to do a social studies project with Adrian Beane, the class outcast. Bobby is with his regular peer group--his best friend David, his ex-girlfriend Tammy, and David's girlfriend/Tammy's best friend Brenda--when Adrian arrives at the house. Bobby quickly sends his friends on their way. Now he and Adrian, with the whole house to themselves, make their plans to interview the chief of police for the assignment. However, it does not take very long to see that Bobby's intentions are of a whole other variety. He wants to know what a same-sex fling would feel like, and Adrian--shy, awkward, docile, and widely suspected of being gay--seems to him the perfect partner. Bobby goes right to work on the coy, cat-and-mouse seduction.

            Well, the seduction works, and before long, their "chemistry lab" experiment has turned into a full-fledged liaison: warm, tender, and top-secret. Bobby makes it look to outsiders like a simple noblesse oblige-style mentoring relationship, but behind closed doors he's telling Adrian he loves him. And remember, again, this is school year 1977-78, northern New Hampshire, and a small town. Thus, you can figure, the moment Bobby starts to fear that his secret might not always be so secret, the situation might get explosive.

            And that's my play, Chemistry Lab. The play was produced for three weeks as an Equity Showcase at the WorkShop Theater Company Feb. 28-March 15, 2003, under the direction of my good friend Jerry Less, garnering very favorable responses. Now I am trying to get some more life for the play.

            Click here for some excerpts from the script.

            Click here to read the reviews we got.

            Click here for some personal reflections of my own about the play (including my respectful response to the concerns of the New York Blade critic).

            Click here if you'd like to obtain a copy of the script, or open up any sort of dialogue about the play. You can also contact me about other plays of mine, including "Phantom Rep" for which there is an audition monologue out in circulation.

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