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Small cell Bees, queens, and packages.  Pesticide free since 1993.  Breeder of russian crosses.  Open mated. 50+ years of experience 30 as a commercial beekeeper.
Isn't this what it's all about folks???
Here's Don doing a natural treatment for Varroa Mites.  FGMO (food grade mineral oil) in a fogger. 
Queen Rearing Classes :1 day class last weekend of every month in 2008 Limited to 10 people.  $100.00 for a Saturday. Organic Beekeeping Classes: 1st weekend of every month in 2008 Limited to 10 people $35 for a Saturday class.
Wax foundation Class: 2 student class $50 call for appointment.
Hive building Class: 2 student class woodworking class $50 does not include materials you are welcome to bring your own or buy on site. Call for appointment
Commercial Beekeeping Class
Everything you need to know to build a successful commercial beekeeping business. 1 year course All above courses included. $250 Come at your leisure. References available.
Here's my small cell wax mill. This allows me to make all of my own foundation and know that the wax is 100% chemical free.
My solar wax melter in operation.
Italian Queens are $25 plus shipping (approximately about $4.50 priority mail plus insurance)
Russian Queens are $25 plus shipping
Russian/NWC Queens are $25 plus shipping
Breeder Queens $100 each Pick up only (these queens are in working hives so you can verify performance)

Free shipping on 5 or more queens (insurance not included)

Here are some great pictures of some really nice looking queens.  (Pictures by John Miles)
2# packages are $65 queen of your choice (pick up only)
Nucleus Hives (NUCS)
Shipped NationWide
3 Frame Nucs $95 
plus shipping
5 Frame Nucs $125
plus shipping
For pick up Bring your own Box

Call for price on Shipping and handling . . (Price includes a reusable wooden NUC box)
Above is a hive of my New World Carnolians
Do you all notice something missing here? No veils, gloves, or jackets??? Either these guys like pain or these must be some calm good-natured bees. (Picture by John Miles)
Great Beekeeping website: Beesource.com
All pictures by Steve Wiley unless otherwise noted
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