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Welcome to my world of beads.  I'm kinda new at this website thing so it'll take awhile before it's totally done.  I will be posting pictures of some of my finished pieces.  I will also be posting some of the patterns that I have for sale.  Currently my favorite type of beading to do is tapestries, the bigger the better.  So please check back often to see it being updated.

My Guardian Angel
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Click here for Patterns of my Tapestries
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Click here for my State Flag Pattern Collection
Bead Patterns
Mistress Jewelry's Beaded Jewelry
Need for Beads offers the highest quality beads and custom designed jewelry.
My Info:
Dorothy Radica
This pattern belongs to Lydia Dunbar (Mistress Jewelry). I was her bead fairy on it. Click on the photo for a link to the pattern.
This is an amulet that did
for a regular on Ebay! Click on the photo for link to pattern or email me.
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