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These materials have been produced by PGCE students.  Some are incomplete and are drafts.  We acknowledge that there may be some errors, so please check thoroughly before using.

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2 Week Placement Timetable Eddy 9/11/2002
Lesson Plan XL Format Eddy 9/11/2002
Norfolk Broads Presentation*(incomplete) Eddy 9/11/2002
Primate Cities Presentation* Eddy 9/11/2002
Photo of Jamie Oliver Anon 9/11/2002
Large World Map (PDF) Eddy 9/11/2002
Granite landscapes, Uses, Weathering (PP) Eddy
Limestone landscapes, Uses, Weathering (PP) Eddy
Chalk landscapes, Uses, Weathering (PP) Eddy
Limestone Caves Eddy
Clay lamdscapes, Uses, Weathering (PP) Eddy
River Pollutants - Detection Techniques Eddy
Norfolk Broads Go! Style Game (useful  as a template) Eddy
Broads Game 2 - Snakes & Ladders type template Eddy

*For all the PowerPoint presentations, in PowerPoint you can click on 'View' from the top menu bar and 'Notes' to view more teaching notes.  For HELP or contributions mail bangkokeddy@hotmail.com


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http://www.field-studies-council.org Field Trip Information


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http://www.essaybank.co.uk Coursework Examples

http://www.geography.org.uk/resource/geog.html Geography Assoc.

http://www.geoexplorer.co.uk/sections/remote_sensing/archive_index.htm Maps

http://neic.usgs.gov Earthquake Information Centre

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http://www.geocities.com/watergeographer/index.html water cycle










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