Hello, friends.  Welcome to Arkham.  I am the Arsenal.  I used to reside in the Atomic Pile.  But, I've moved here.  Anyway, many a strange thing has happend to this 20 year old.  College, work, friends, and an occasional betrayal all within the past 365 dayz.  So, with that in mind,  expect some different stuff here.  That's all I have now.  Cue the dancing robot.


Oh, wait, that's on another site I saw....damn!


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MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, and ICQ:  arsenala13


The Site Partitions

(now in Stereo, where available)

Tales from July

My Trigun Page.  With all my stuff.

The Legend of the Arsenal

About me.

Project G.I.R.

My silly attempt at making a 3D model.

Project Otaku

My constant computer modding.

War Machine Tribute

Face it, fans.  The best Iron Man Armor.

Deep 13 Control Room

My favorite movie slamming show.

The Rants and Broken Dreams

[Insert approprite warning here.]

Arsenal.A.13's Photoshop Mania

Look at de pretty pictures!

Sites I Visit Daily

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