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My trusty rs pro-2052
                               F.R.S. frequencies:
            ch01)462.5625    ch08)467.5625
            ch02)462.5875    ch09)467.5875
            ch03)462.6125    ch10)467.6125
            ch04)462.6375    ch11)467.6375
            ch05)462.6625    ch12)467.6625
            ch06)462.6875    ch13)467.6875
            ch07)462.7125    ch14)467.7125
This little baby is the
Alinko DJX3KD wideband
receiver it covers
It comes from Canada
and sells for about $250.00
and it is on my wish list.
                     Cellular phone band:
                     Cordless phone band:
If your curious about some of
the foreign retailers that sell
cellular capable scanners, just
Google some of these name
brands of scanners. When
looking at the specs of the
radios look for the term
no gaps or no breaks.
Make sure the retailer is foreign.
You might be thinking..."Aren't scanners that monitor
cell phones illegal in the U.S.?" Well the answer may
surrprise you.It is a crime to monitor cell phones
but not a crime to own a scanner that can.
A retailer based in the U.S. can't sell you one,
but a retailer in another country can. You can also
purchase one from a person ,Joe down the street.
As long as he's not a retailer. I will have a whole
other page on this subject sooner or later.
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